Jaded Angels

I am knelt in supplication

in a vast cathedral hall

I feel the shards of angst

firing deep into my soul

I raise my eyes to search

for a god of purest love

I see only jaded angels

in the tapestry above

Communion candles burn

and emit a spectral light

casting dancing shadows

in this sacrilegious night

I look up to the crucifix

my destiny to find

the mighty god of dust

has crept inside my mind

I see the twelve apostles

and the holy pentecost

the whore ofbabylon

who is saying all is lost

The father and the son

the bible and the myth

the suffering of christ

has a taste of bitter pith

I can see the rictus smile

of the rider in pale green

harbinger of consequence

who’ll write the final scene

The sycophantic vermin

hear the tolling of the bell

and are deafened by the silence 

coming from the house of hell

The crucifixion shadow

burns my exposed skin

it sears my mortal soul

but cleanses not the sin

Thro the stained glass window

when I look up to the skies

I see only jaded angels

with teardrops in their eyes

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