Death’s Sweet Voice

I had spluttered into life

Onto a path of bitter strife

From the darkness of a womb

Into brightness from the gloom

But life’s journey always ends

Within the blackness of a tomb

A lost love once made me cry

I had seen my chance pass by

Death’s sweet voice entrances

She smiles and she advances

And my spirit she will cradle

She gives no second chances

I had flattered to deceive

I was reluctant to believe

I dug my head into the sand

I destroyed the promised land

Became the master of remorse

But still I did not understand

Now a resting place I crave

Far away beyond the grave

Death’s sweet voice is pleading

She’ll give me what I’m needing

And my spirit she will cradle

To stop my soul from bleeding

I had lived with morbid fears

Through the adolescent years

False dreams of immortality

Success a mere formality

But floundered in my apathy

With comfort zone mentality

But now I cease to weep

The tears no longer seep

Death’s sweet voice is calling

To free me from life’s mauling

And my spirit she will cradle

As into her arms I’m falling

I had seen my bridges burned 

And my lessons duly learned

But I found the truth too late

And though I tried to mitigate

I faced the sabres of revenge

And the silenced guns of hate

Darkness closes in on day

And I will soon be on my way

Death’s sweet voice is singing

Her bells of freedom ringing

And my spirit she will cradle

To soothe away life’s stinging

I had dreamed of time beginning

And the universe was spinning

Before the quirks of evolution

Brought the ultimate solution

And the victims of misfortune

Were left seeking retribution

And so I must bid goodbye

My tears have now run dry

Death’s sweet voice is sighing

She is calm and pacifying

And my spirit she is cradling

As I’m laid here gently dying





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