Latet- Boaaz Sheraabi | לתת -בועז שרעבי

I love this guy’s voice – wonderful words! Latet means to give…


To give the soul and the heart,
To give,
To give when you love.
And however one finds the difference
Between taking and receiving
You will yet learn to give, to give… Continue reading


Ne Me Quitte Pas!

Jacques Brel:

You can also watch this man in action <here>, but this can not be embedded!

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Ne me quitte pas
Il faut oublier
Tout peut s’oublier
Qui s’enfuit deja
Oublier le temps
Des malentendus
Et le temps perdu
A savoir comment
Oublier ces heures
Qui tuaient parfois
A coups de pourquoi
Le coeur du bonheure
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) Continue reading

Jaded Angels

I am knelt in supplication

in a vast cathedral hall

I feel the shards of angst

firing deep into my soul

I raise my eyes to search

for a god of purest love

I see only jaded angels

in the tapestry above

Communion candles burn

and emit a spectral light

casting dancing shadows

in this sacrilegious night

I look up to the crucifix

my destiny to find

the mighty god of dust

has crept inside my mind

I see the twelve apostles

and the holy pentecost

the whore ofbabylon

who is saying all is lost

The father and the son

the bible and the myth

the suffering of christ

has a taste of bitter pith

I can see the rictus smile

of the rider in pale green

harbinger of consequence

who’ll write the final scene

The sycophantic vermin

hear the tolling of the bell

and are deafened by the silence 

coming from the house of hell

The crucifixion shadow

burns my exposed skin

it sears my mortal soul

but cleanses not the sin

Thro the stained glass window

when I look up to the skies

I see only jaded angels

with teardrops in their eyes

Death’s Sweet Voice

I had spluttered into life

Onto a path of bitter strife

From the darkness of a womb

Into brightness from the gloom

But life’s journey always ends

Within the blackness of a tomb

A lost love once made me cry

I had seen my chance pass by

Death’s sweet voice entrances

She smiles and she advances

And my spirit she will cradle

She gives no second chances

I had flattered to deceive

I was reluctant to believe

I dug my head into the sand

I destroyed the promised land

Became the master of remorse

But still I did not understand

Now a resting place I crave

Far away beyond the grave

Death’s sweet voice is pleading

She’ll give me what I’m needing

And my spirit she will cradle

To stop my soul from bleeding

I had lived with morbid fears

Through the adolescent years

False dreams of immortality

Success a mere formality

But floundered in my apathy

With comfort zone mentality

But now I cease to weep

The tears no longer seep

Death’s sweet voice is calling

To free me from life’s mauling

And my spirit she will cradle

As into her arms I’m falling

I had seen my bridges burned 

And my lessons duly learned

But I found the truth too late

And though I tried to mitigate

I faced the sabres of revenge

And the silenced guns of hate

Darkness closes in on day

And I will soon be on my way

Death’s sweet voice is singing

Her bells of freedom ringing

And my spirit she will cradle

To soothe away life’s stinging

I had dreamed of time beginning

And the universe was spinning

Before the quirks of evolution

Brought the ultimate solution

And the victims of misfortune

Were left seeking retribution

And so I must bid goodbye

My tears have now run dry

Death’s sweet voice is sighing

She is calm and pacifying

And my spirit she is cradling

As I’m laid here gently dying





Pondering that Love thing…

Pondering the meaning of life, for sure.

Pondering the meaning of life - Wikipedia

Earlier on this year I came to the terrible realisation that what I had always thought of as love, had in fact been selfishness on my part! Imagine that, it took me almost half a century to figure that out… How thick can you get?

You must know those saying like:

My love for you is so deep that… 

What I feel for you is so indescribable and blablablah…

Fair enough, what you are feeling is a wonderful experience, but it misses the point! The point is that you have to take your love out of yourself and bring it to its recipient. To my knowledge there does not yet exist a method for transferring this feeling directly to your lover. I wish there was… oh boy!

But until the happy moment when that process shall be discovered, I can only start by thinking how my being there affects the person that I love. By making my love selfless, I can strive to make a better world for this significant other, instead of merely exulting in my own sentiment.

This feeling of love can for me take epic proportions, but I now have to learn how to disregard it  and act in such a way as to make my partner happy. I wrote an email to this effect to a lady that I love and she answered me: “Yeah,,, and?” I recognise that for most women this is self-evident and there are probably many men, who have figured this out long ago, not being as thick as I am…

But when I think about thickness, I think that there may be just one or two men, who might benefit from my words, hence this little article, which I hereby share with you! 

For Heavens Sake

I want to save the world today, I shan’t exist any other way

I want to save the world from pain, To care that much will keep me sane

I want to mend a broken heart, Climb up the hill and let me start?

My sins have scared the devil away, come with me, I know the way

Trust me now, and shed your tears, tell me why you have such fears?

See these eyes, feed on this sorrow, we will make a plan for you tomorrow

Do I care or am I fake, does it matter, for heaven’s sake?

By: Gran (before dawn)

Running With the Pack…

Somewhere between where the day and night so briefly meet, I slid into a the consciousness of one of my canine brothers, I melded with a wolf. It was only for a moment, but one can learn a lifetime of knowledge in a moment’s time… It felt strange and exhilarating to run like the wind on all fours, to feel an abundance of strength in my muscles and sinews, to move with supreme grace and without effort. I remember answering the call of the Moon, the boiling of my blood, the craving, the fearlessness.

I remember not thinking, just feeling, just being, just there. I was conscious of myself in relation to my surroundings, of space and time and movement, especially of movement. I could sense the living beings and their exact location in the surrounding landscape. As if I had a map in my mind’s eye and could place every living being in it. I felt instantaneously whether they formed a threat or were friendly and whether they were still or in motion, moving towards me or away from me…

I was connected, connected to the clan, with a communication of the spirit, that sprang from the mere fact that we are family and thus are linked, in the blood. I could sense my brother on my left and my sister on my right… and they in turn could sense me. In effect the whole clan knew where every other member was located on the hunting ground.

I could feel everything, because everything was alive, all beings, all things. First off all there was the clan and then the other blood-beings. Then there were the plants that felt slightly less alive, but not much! I could even feel the elders that were there already before us, our ancestors. And I felt the earth on which we ran and ran, and the still, patient rocks, and the living water, always moving. And then there were the strange things that were almost non-living, the man-made things, which felt somehow not quite right. As though they did not actually belong, as if they had been mislaid…

And then came the sense of smell… Everything I needed to know about my clan was bourne on the wind by their scent: Is my brother sick or in good health? Is he angry or content? Is my niece in heat…? And then there was the scent of the prey of course, most necessary and respected of beings, who help us survive… Who can run, but can not hide!

Yes, I had a good run with the clan, if only for a moment! And I respect and admire them all the more for it.