When the mutant child was born

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Played a dirge into the night

The Devil laughed with such delight

And cried ‘He is my spawn’

His hands were claws, his face a scar

They kept him in a brown glass jar

In a cold damp cellar all alone

A captive in the twilight zone

They named him Bolibar

He looked a most repugnant thing

With scaly skin and hair like string

Poor Bolibar, he yearned so much

To feel his mother’s loving touch

To hear her sweet voice sing

But no words reached his shapeless ears

No friends had he throughout the years

Cold winter nights he slept unclad

But never cried, because he had

No eyes to shed the tears

His mother wished her son deceased

Considered him as Satan’s beast

And when the demons in her head

Convinced her he’d be better dead

Her conscience was released

Her spouse agreed the mutant birth

To keep alive had no real worth

They swore to keep a grisly pact

And carry out the final act

To end his time on Earth

They came and sealed the jar of glass

And pumped in lethal toxic gas

Alone he drew his final breath

Alone he journeyed after death

To join the Devil’s mass

When the mutant child had died

The Piper cast his pipes aside

And as the sun sank in the West

The Devil welcomed his new guest

As angels watched and cried

Some time after the evil deed

The mother found herself with seed

A perfect baby girl she bore

A child she could at last adore

Fulfilled her every need

The Piper played a mournful song

The birth would never right the wrong

No cellar dark for this young lass

No brown glass jar, no whiff of gas

She would grow tall and strong

God heard the Piper’s mournful dirge

Enlightenment came with a surge

Only then He knew He’d failed

A plan must henceforth be unveiled

The Devil’s Den to purge

He summoned forth Celexequoste

Mightiest of the angel host

And told him he must go in quest

To free the Devil’s latest guest

And silence Satan’s boast

The angel journeyed long and far

And now he stood on Hell’s dark star

He strode up to the Devil’s door

Satan heard his timbrous roar

‘I’ve come for Bolibar!’

And when he heard the angel speak

The Devil’s firm resolve grew weak

At last poor Bolibar was freed

The angel placed him on his steed

Then kissed him on his cheek

A surge of Heaven’s joy and bliss

A stream of tears for an angel’s kiss

Up in the night a shooting star

Flared for the one named Bolibar

And made the Devil hiss

The mutant child climbed Heaven’s stair

To be greeted by the angels there

Who placed in front of Bolibar

The fragments of a brown glass jar

Smashed beyond repair

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