Bionic Cats?

I can rightfully call myself a troglodyte, a cave-dweller, as I have lived in many a cave over quite a long period of time, up in Sacromonte(= the sacred mountain) near Granada. It was, all in all, a happy stay and if it hadn’t been for that maniac Leppe, who terrorised the whole valley, I […]

Telling Gran’s Secrets

1) I know that magic is real. I’ve seen it. I am not lying. 2)I once knew a Gypsy Fortune Teller that was the real deal. She lived in the woods and took clients by night. Her floors were crooked and you had step over the waiting bodies in her living room, to”see” her in the kitchen. She […]

Hillbilly Goes To Salem

Most of my life I have considered myself to be a modern-day solitary witch. Sometimes, I go out on a limb and call myself “Wiccan” however, that is subject to debate. “Organized Religion” of any kind, even my kind, sours on my stomach rather quickly.  Mostly because the instant you get a bunch of humans involved, well, […]