(For Stef)

It was long ago, another world
On that strange surreal night
When dreams clashed with reality
When my soul gave up the fight

I laid upon the marbled floor
Whilst staring into space
Large silver drops of mercury
Were dripping upon my face

Vapour trails across the moons
As a meteor storm streaked by
A journey of no consequence
For the vagabonds in the sky

The planet with the seven rings
Was at its deepest purple hue
Spinning at the speed of light
When it came within my view

A million shards of golden light
Were showered from its crust
They fell upon my naked flesh
And they turned to golden dust

I watched the angel hovering
She was right above my eyes
She called out in her sweet voice
‘Come and join me, now arise’

I felt myself being drawn to her
Then we both merged into one
For she was the daughter of god
And I was mankind’s son

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