Lil Freaky Meat!

My husband and I tend to “rescue” displaced or abused people and pets. Our children have grown up now and it only seems natural to swing the doors wide and scream to the wind “COME ONE, COME ALL” and they somehow find their way up the hill to this brick house in the woods. Right now, we have one twenty-seven year old-young woman, and more than enough fur kids, let us say here and now that we are filled to capacity as this is only a four bedroom house.

The dawn finds Gran up lighting candles and burning incense, brewing pots of this or that, (mostly coffee) for Gran needs her meditation hour to maintain her happy place. Poppa rushes off to work (an accountant for heaven’s sake, but, he is nothing like most accountants, he’s really funny!) Heaven knows, someone has to do something to pay for this large cross species brood. Gran used to be busy with her nursing, until the unsupervised fur kids started getting into all kinds of mischief while she was away.

Here are the furkids names, Sugarina….a lively 13-year-old Chinese Crested Powder Puff, who spent the first eighteen months of her life in a cage in some hoarders garage, she has been here 12 years, Miles, a little guy rescued from the same hoarder, has been here that long as well, he is a fine Pappillon, who is my stalker, he follows me everywhere, eyeing me intensely, crying if he cannot see me, he has issues.  Mr. Peepers is another matter, he is a tiny chi-min pin mix of a guy in his “golden years” who came here via a twisted path from a small town where he was living on borrowed time in a “kill shelter” three hours away from Grans house, he has been here six years, he has a crooked spine and no teeth,  he weighs four pounds soaking wet, but, he is such a gentleman, always nodding his head at me, he would open doors for me if he were tall enough. He is a man of good will and proud, dignified ways. “Freaky Meat” is another matter, she is vile and vicious. Five pounds of fire and brimstone, she bites everyone but Gran, everyone, including Poppa, who insists on kissing Gran “goodbye” each morning. When Poppa kisses Gran, Freaky Meat charges out from under the covers and grabs Poppa by his beard growling and snarling, she doesn’t like her Gran to be smooched on!  “Freaky Meat” was abused to the point of being very close to death, Gran drove several hours to collect her from a kill shelter seven years ago, we look the other way when she does “odd things” it’s understandable that she has issues. Francis is here too, she is a wolf hybrid, husky who is utterly brilliant. She was found by our daughter six years ago on the college campus, she was eaten alive with mange. Now she is a powerful hulk of a beautiful girl who likes to keep everyone in line and takes no BS from anyone, if necessary, she could do the cooking and cleaning here, she is that bright, willing and energetic. Shall we move along to “Brenda” a huge border collie who lords over the front of the property with her keen eye, and territorial style, she is around ten years old and a massive size for her breed. She was born here from a wild Momma dog, she is quite tame and grandmotherly and rarely chooses to leave the property for any reason, she mostly relaxes inside on these cold days. Shall we move on to “Baby Ellie” a six-year-old silver tea-cup poodle who weighs all of three pounds, she is a retired breeder “LADY” from California, of course, she is now quite puppy free, she is  not a rescue at all, she is Grans foo foo “baby” and was flown in by jet plane because Gran just had to have her, she is the cutest girl on earth and such a stunner!  Now for the old man of the hill, Diangelo is twenty years old, a quiet man who stays to himself and eats soft food and sleeps mostly these days, he has been here for twenty years, he was born here, he is a terrier mix, once black, but now, old and grey,  his Mom came here from a kill shelter, her name was Henrietta, she died recently at age twenty four, really, no joke!  Our specialty is loving and caring for Old Dogs here at Gran and Poppa’s house, to us, there is nothing more wonderful than an old fur kid. Our vet says we do not run a rescue, we run a nursing home for dogs.

We also have two very open-minded cats, Salem and Mamie. They are unimpressed with the canine kids. They are rather “cool” cats who ignore everyone and everything. They mostly want to rampage, eat, and sleep. They demand affection or they do not. They have a no tolerance policy when it comes to the canines. It’s an understanding that we all respect.

Now there is our precious little girl, she is a human being, not a fur kid, she is twenty-seven years old, and just now coming into her full self as a woman. She came here on August fifth of this year.  She had two black eyes, deep burns on her slender ankles, she was mal nourished in every possible way. She has suffered from and survived domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and abandonment. She is making huge strides, she is healthy now, as strong as an ox, she has gained weight and she smiles often.  She is learning to love herself and she is embracing life in ways that make Gran and Poppa weep. She is eager to learn and to grow. She is writing and seeking spiritual enlightenment. Some nights, she and Gran stay up to the wee hours and have a little kitchen table art therapy, or we walk through the forest at sunset and talk.  We take many pictures and sometimes we drive to the “big” mountains for clarity.  If Gran does her job in the way that she plans, this human young woman will leave here confident and empowered. She will never be anyone’s victim again, not even a victim of herself….for the most important lesson at Gran’s and Poppa’s is one of self-love and self forgiveness and inspiration. (Gran stirs the cauldron with the utmost care and caution)

Here it was….spelled out for all to see, Gran and Poppa’s little life on the hill…on “Fudges Creek” of all places, but, we do enjoy this place and want this to be a place of healing and comfort to all who come.  Now, shall Gran bake a pie or a cake?

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