Crying in the Moonlight

It was a moment of enlightenment
A moment to astonish and appall
A horrifying glimpse into the future
Where I had seen the writing on the wall
And my eyes were weeping in the darkness
And my heart was bleeding for mankind
I saw the grim spectres of our karma
I saw harbingers of doom in my mind
And I saw that the devil was laughing
And his shadow was darkening the sky
I heard someone crying in the moonlight
Whilst lamenting the world about to die

It was a vision of disenchantment
A vision of destruction and decay
A nightmare of disaster and despair
As humanity threw everything away
And my tears were streaming in the darkness
As the rockets came screaming from the east
The theatres of war were burnt to charcoal
The world had heard the snarling of the beast
I saw a bleak and deserted wasteland
I saw the devil succeeding in his quest
I heard someone crying in the moonlight
As the missiles went streaking from the west

It was a question asked in desperation
A question that was asked for one and all
A question to which I knew the answer
For it was written on the cemetery wall
And my faith was dying in the darkness
And my words were trying to explain
I had begged for divine intervention
I had asked for a chance to try again
But I saw we were beyond redemption
I tasted poison from the devil’s breath
And the lone figure cried in the moonlight
As he watched the world slowly bleed to death

It was a prayer of consternation
A prayer which was bound to be in vain
While the despots were soaked in corruption
The citizens were drenched by nuclear rain
And a cross was burning in the darkness
And the sinners were turning out the light
And the wraiths of the holocaust drifted
Through the grey and never ending night
And a dark star was born in the heavens
And the reptiles crept back into the sea
I saw someone dying in the moonlight
The brotherhood of man had ceased to be

It was a time for capitulation
A time to watch the setting of the sun
To spare a thought for all our children
Who were marching with a funeral drum
And the worms were turning in the darkness
The cathedrals were burning up in flame
And the sacrificial lambs of innocence
Were butchered on an altar of shame
Then I knew that hope was lost forever
That there would be no turning of the tide
And the lone figure died in the moonlight
And I knew who it was and why he’d cried

It was an end to our flawed evolution
An ending to the conflict and the hate
And the beast which was named mankind
Was left begging outside heaven’s gate
And a voice was calling from the darkness
As the night came falling from the sky
It was time to make the longest journey
It was time to look the devil in the eye
I took a last glance over my shoulder
The writing was no longer on the wall
There was no one crying in the moonlight
There was nothing
at all


I’m SOOOOO Exited!!!

And I just can’t hide it! I’m about to loose control and I think I like it…

I’m so happy to have my friends here with me on the site!

Child of God’s Creation

A billion stars
a cosmic birth
the dawn of time beginning
The sun and moon
the mother earth
were orbiting and spinning
The universe
became aligned
with stellocentric motion
The ancestors
of humankind
came crawling from the ocean

The neutron stars
the orbs of space
were throbbing in pulsation
The realms of time
the human race
the child of God’s creation
The angels sang
a lone white dove
flew down from Heaven’s gate
We could have reaped
the fruits of love
instead we nurtured hate

The virgin birth
the chosen one
we crucified our chance
The holocaust
the nuclear sun
we made the devil dance
The art of war
the genocide
the dark eternal night
If you believe
God’s on our side
let’s hope that you are right


(For Stef)

It was long ago, another world
On that strange surreal night
When dreams clashed with reality
When my soul gave up the fight

I laid upon the marbled floor
Whilst staring into space
Large silver drops of mercury
Were dripping upon my face

Vapour trails across the moons
As a meteor storm streaked by
A journey of no consequence
For the vagabonds in the sky

The planet with the seven rings
Was at its deepest purple hue
Spinning at the speed of light
When it came within my view

A million shards of golden light
Were showered from its crust
They fell upon my naked flesh
And they turned to golden dust

I watched the angel hovering
She was right above my eyes
She called out in her sweet voice
‘Come and join me, now arise’

I felt myself being drawn to her
Then we both merged into one
For she was the daughter of god
And I was mankind’s son

Poem: I Have Things

I have a feather on a stick

It is good for the odd,

creative trick

I have a rock,

that is lavender blue

It aids in this and that,

a thing or two

I have a bird

that visits now and then

She tells me secrets,

then, flies off on the wind

I have a man who stays around

He kisses my shoulder

when I feel down

I have a pot,

it’s big and black

I got it cheap,

it has a crack.


Lil Freaky Meat!

My husband and I tend to “rescue” displaced or abused people and pets. Our children have grown up now and it only seems natural to swing the doors wide and scream to the wind “COME ONE, COME ALL” and they somehow find their way up the hill to this brick house in the woods. Right now, we have one twenty-seven year old-young woman, and more than enough fur kids, let us say here and now that we are filled to capacity as this is only a four bedroom house.

The dawn finds Gran up lighting candles and burning incense, brewing pots of this or that, (mostly coffee) for Gran needs her meditation hour to maintain her happy place. Poppa rushes off to work (an accountant for heaven’s sake, but, he is nothing like most accountants, he’s really funny!) Heaven knows, someone has to do something to pay for this large cross species brood. Gran used to be busy with her nursing, until the unsupervised fur kids started getting into all kinds of mischief while she was away. Continue reading

Feet-lickingly Scrumptuous!

Ralphie the Buffalo, Folsom Field, University ...

Ralphie - by Ken Lund via Flickr

Well, this was certainly a first in Ralphie’s life! Have you ever been awakened by something or somebody licking your feet? I have, this morning! I was right in the middle of dreaming a now forgotten dream of astounding inconsequentiality, when the realisation pierced the wall of my fuzziness that something strange was going on around my southern extremities. How about them onions!? Continue reading

A Witch In Deed!

Just the evening before last, a good and devout local widow woman came up to me in the grocery store and asked me a question.  She asked me this question in a  blusterous, nervous, accusatory kind of way that went something like this… “Sheila, I feel stupid asking such a thing, but, it is rumored that you are a witch, (she whispered the word “witch”)  “this is just a rumor of course, (she clicked her tongue) what with your husband and son and daughter in law and yourself all flying off to Salem Massachusetts at the end of October for that witches ball thingy….I mean one could jump to conclusions about such things, you surely aren’t seriously A WITCH, are you?!”

Well, what was I to say, I WAS, after all, in the detergent isle and I wanted to keep our exchange extra fresh and bright.  I looked at her and asked her a question, as it is my natural  habit to answer a question with a question. “Ah yes Helen, what fun we had there, and, what did you do for Halloween this year, dear?”  (butter would not melt in this mouth)

A look of crazed confusion crossed her wrinkled brow as if she was trying very HARD to remember exactly what SHE had been doing at the end of October. About the time she was ready to give me an answer, a grocery buggy fueled by a plump, disorderly child rounded the corner and clipped the back of her ankles, you know how annoying that can be. Helen turned to give the freckled face kid a scowl, instinctively moving her body a few inches away from the grocery buggy, when she moved, her purse toppled from its perch. Everything spilled out onto the tile floor. Lipstick, rouge, chewing gum, mints, and several smartly packaged, glow in the dark condoms slid here and there between my feet and hers.  As quick as witchly possible,  I grabbed up three or four of the glow in the dark condoms (extra large) and handed them to her with a wink. I smiled then, a big “happy for you Helen” smile that felt like a song!  Wink Wink….”witches often know things

Pictogram Language!

I was travelling on the train today and I noticed several pictograms, denoting several objects and actions. One sees them more and more these days, because they are universal, in fact they are a kind of language in and of themselves. I predict a world where youngsters will say: “Who need the English language, with its apostrophes, who needs to know what a gerund is and who cares about hyphenated ding-dongs!” Will they even speak to one another any longer? They might just communicate on their technothingies!

With my zany mind I immediately started to think of a sequence of these pictograms to convey a simple message, just to spoil the future  generations even faster and  get them used to the idea! This was not so hard to do. It’s a bit like chinese, which is very far from being simple, but these are! I shall show you a very simple one. I can not put them next to each other, so I’ll put them one under the other, but the result remains the  same:

This translates into: “How about dinner and a movie?”

Btw, all the pics are by

Don’t you think that anybody anywhere in the world would understand this? This could enable us to communicate without having to learn 357 different languages, admittedly on a basic level.

Could this be a handy tool for the deaf, I wonder? I am not into this, I couldn’t say!

A-ny-way, it’s a nice bit of foolishness, isn’t it? Why don’t you have a go?