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Humpty sat on wall…(5)

The idiot had to fall!(7)

Humpty now omlet. (5)


A Purple Apple Tree!

Dead tree - by foundmyself.com

What a weird thing to see

Is a purple apple tree!

Methinks it’s frozen solid,

yet it stands there stolid.


Not a shiver nor a moan,

Not a sapling this, full-grown!

We could build a bonfire.

Know an arsonist for hire?


Let our merry shrieks

Bring colour to its cheeks…

Actually it looks quite dead.

Maybe we should put it to bed?


How about a hot toddy?

Work the kinks out of knotty…

Does someone know a spell

To save this tree from hell?

Autumn Tunnel…

from Wallpaperbase

Two minutes from where I live, commences a stretch of walk that is magical. It almost seems like a panoply of dizzying colours, for the faery folk to walk down the aisle, Mother Nature smiling benignly and Father Wind giving the bride away! A place where the deer come to stay or elope to…

All shades of green, brown and mellow yellow, interspersed with arrows of blinding sunlight to dazzle the eye and make you happy to be alive… a painter’s paradise! If only I could drag Monet away from his easel in the  skies to stun me with a picture of marvelled at magnificence…

‘t Is a place to shush… for fear of breaking the wonder, the heavenly spell weaved by autumn’s regalia. A place to tread with care, for fear of disturbing fallen leaves that fought valiantly against the seasons… A sanctuary away from aberrant noise, one that leaves you content. To finally be able to say: “This is one of the reasons why I must endure, for sure!”

A snapshot of heaven on Earth, taken by my unwary eye, but carved on my mind’s canvas for evermore!