Catweasel – Resketched.

This was my all-time favourite BBC program as I was growing up! The story of a medieval warlock(a nice if somewhat dimwitted one) who somehow go transported to the twentieth century. And what he finds there does not impress him much. His favourite saying is: “Nothing works!”

Now, we have of course evolved to the stage where everything works some of the time and nothing works as it should. I do hope that the poor man got back to his own timeframe. Actually, I wouldn’t mind joining him, but then I would probably get burned at the stake or worse…if only for nonconformity!

Pity they don’t many any children’s series like these anymore! We can always watch the reruns, I suppose. Are there any? If there aren’t, I for one would plead on bended knees with the Beeb to bring him back and give our youngsters something weird and funny to watch.


What is the World Coming to?

Lilies in the Green

I’ve done it now, I’ve reached the end of my tether! Ralphie is ready for his cremation or interment. The only thing holding me up now is this three-inch nail that I inadvertently sat on. For the doubting Thomases, I would like to state that I am NOT Norwegian and I have not yet turned blue! I might be hibernating though…

I thought there was something slightly off canter this morning. The world did not look like its bright cheery self today.  Even the sunshine looked gray! My dog Linda looked at me in a funny way aswell, come to think of it. I had been up for hours…. when I realised that I had not had my morning coffee yet! This was after linda had finally taken pity on me and had sniffed my coffee mug with an air of: try this!  What is the world coming to, when a body starts to forget even his addictions, I ask you!?

But kelp is on the way, the kettler is pruttling… mmmm…even my rubbish sounds rubbish..

I’ll have to get back to you after I’ve had at least my first sip! Continue reading