Midnight Brew

Tap down and gather together    all ye merry crafters   Gather the herbs and vines and hang them from the rafters Kick a boot cheerily and sway thou wicked hips Grab the wisest merry-man and kiss him on the lips Ring the bell and call the cat then spark thy candle bright Sip a witchy midnight brew on this winters night.

The Witch In Every Woman

“There is a little witch is every woman” No truer words were ever spoken. We are all daughters of the moon, born of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.  We are sister witches one and all.  A woman is magickal by her natural design. We are intuitive, courageous, powerful beings.  We are the seductive temptresses, the givers of life, the healers, […]

On Being A Witch

Words are capricious little sprites. When I say to another soul, “I am a witch” there are any number of impressions one might embrace depending upon your background, your present and past realities, your geographic location, and, your personal emotional response to the word “witch” based on your educational exposure and perhaps your religious teachings. […]

Crone Rehab

When you lose a child, their friends naturally become your own treasures, your beloved “adopted” jewels.  Your deceased child’s “best friend” is especially precious to your heart. This  July, I began to have thoughts and concerns about our departed daughter Emmy’s best friend, Amber. Thoughts of her stabbed my mind and my heart every few minutes. I couldn’t […]

The “Revolution” Has Already Started

  The “Revolution” Has Already Started. Some blatant truths spoken here by Zazen. How to change things though? The masses are becoming more aware, but will it help? The “occupying” movements are spreading, but is it too late? Related articles How to lead a revolution (holykaw.alltop.com) So I say to you (memoirsofalostgirl.wordpress.com) Papua New Guinea’s […]

It Could Work…!?

Most people, myself included at times, think that everyone else is telepathic and should read or sniff or smell what they(or I) want. To tell the truth, most people suck at this! Therefore some individual has come up with an entirely novel idea, which might work, if everybody joined in. Which will never happen, of […]

The Mother Spirit

 The way of the crone witch is one of great responsibility. She is an elder, it is upon her to teach the old ways, the ways of nature and honor.  She drinks from the chalice of life thirstily, her life blood is freedom.  She dances upon the path merrily, she is unapologetic for her passions. She is set apart […]

Living The Magickal Life

The Virgin, The Mother, The Crone It has been said that the life of a woman (and some special men) is divided into three phases. The youthful years of the tender virgin, the reproductive or sexually potent years of the mother/matron, and the wise years of the crone. This witch considers all to be equally magickal, […]

Next Messiah German or Dutch?

Read all about it! The Christmas star was witnessed by millions and even recorded on video and pictures for all posterity. Why the second coming has decided to wear clogs is a mystery though(or possibly lederhosen). Asses flocked out in droves to watch this amazing spectacle and a stable has been prepared, just in case! […]