Let us Start a Fanclub!

Another WOW and WAW!

Another BIG thank you to Lieven for finding this little  jewel!

This a a story that lies close to my heart, having been homeless myself. It does not get any better than this. A story about an orphan boy, who at the age of five ran away from the orphanage, because he was being beaten there. Since then he has lived on the street, for more than ten years, supporting himself by selling chewing gum, but sleeping in stairways and in public toilets.

This story takes place in Korea. The boy heard a singer in a nightclub and decided to give it a try, by himself and to himself. He finally got up enough courage to enter in the national talent competition and boy did he ever make an impression! The judges and the audience were crying during his performance and so was I. The lead judge of a panel of three’s first reaction was: “Young man, I just want to hug you!” This phenomenon humbles me in a way that I can not express. He reminded me NEVER to give up your dream. One reminder to whom it may concern: Never judge a book by its cover.

One wonders how many homeless wonders are out there that nobody will ever hear or read about! I challenge anyone to listen to this artists account, listen to his song and not be moved. His name is Sung-Bong and he has since won the finals. You will definitely be hearing more from him.

I rest my case, over to him:

Do me a favour everyone and Press This!

One wonders how many more homeless people out there have something to offer?

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