Am I Weird or What?

Love Is the Answer (album)
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No need to answer that question. I know the answer already! I had a visit here on my site from a lady,who likes to spread love around. Not the kinky kind! I find this a very commendable attitude. I visited her site and came across the lyrics to the Julio Iglesias song: To all the Girls(she changed this to Men) I’ve Loved Before and this got me thinking. Mmmm… yeah, I know. Here we go again! There must be something about me that is not like most people, definitely! Ok, I’ll stop stating the bleedin’ obvious. But just this once, I’m serious!

In my life during my associations with acquaintances, friends and family, I’ve heard the following saying quite a number of times: “I don’t love you anymore!” This was not always directed at me, you understand. I have also read this a lot and heard it a lot in songs and on television. This does not hold true for me! Once I love someone, she or he is in my heart and a part of me forever, period! I do not seem to have an off-switch for love.

Of course, when you break up with someone, there will most probably be some flak flying around. I have not hated, this is too strong a word, but gone off certain people for a long while, long enough for my ego to heal its bruises, I suppose. But after all the dust has settled, I still care for them. This is not to say that after I have discovered certain aspects of their personality that I dislike, that I would want to have the same relationship with  them again. I’m not that stupid. But still, once they have gotten under my skin, I find it impossible to “not care”! How could I, when they are a part of me, a part of my soul? Am I making any sense at all? This was more about my relationships with women here.

But the same holds true for friendships with men. Once you are my friend, you will always remain my friend! I do not have to see you every day or every week or every year for that matter. I’ve not seen friends for decades and when I met them again, we just picked up where we left of, or not. We may have gone in different directions and at times I may disagree with their  beliefs or convictions or whatever, but! they will still remain friends!!! How  could I erase what we have shared in our lives? I can not! Again, it remains  a part of me, always. And I reiterate, if you have wronged me I will not let that happen again, but I still care… So, am I weird or what?

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  1. We are like-minded Ralphie, I may be dissapointed about male as well as female friends, but once they have a place in my heart, they will always remain there. But for some I have mixed feelings and some wound is too deep to heal though.


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