Who Needs to Say Anything?

Illustration depicting thought.
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A man and a woman, who have known each other for a longish period but were never involved, are exchanging sms messages. The man goes first:

– I’m thinking about you!

– What are you thinking?

– Mmmmm…

– What does that mean?

– Oh nothing in particular.

– Yeah, yeah, does that mean what I think it means?

– I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if I was thinking what you thought I was thinking, would you mind?

– I depends, I’m confused, I’ll have to think on it!

– Right, let me know when you’ve decided.

– When I have decided what?

– Whether you would like me to think what you thought I was thinking!

– Just tell me what you were thinking!

– No! You have to give me a clue first…

– About what?

– About whether it would offend you or not.

– What would offend me or not?

– Whatever you like!

– Ok, I’ll play along. Were we alone?

– We could be, if you wanted.

– Mmmm… Were the lights on?

– Some… I want to see!

– What do you want to see?

– You!

– Dammit, your place or mine!?

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I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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