Cloaking Device for Your House!

Solar panels near Dukovany Nuclear Power Station.
Cover your whole house like this! - Wikipedia

Step one:

Say you build a house in the form of a cube(for easy reference) and then you add a roof that slopes down in one direction, facing the direction that gets the  most sunlight. 

Step two:

Get a company to build environment friendly double-usage screens that are also weather-proof. For this you design your screen as a grid. On the grid you alternate one mini solar  panel with one mini plasma screen. Tentative measurements for one screen could be a square yard and for the mini panels a square inch or less. This way you get solar energy at the same time as a giant three-dimensional tv, because the four walls plus the roof would be covered. From a distance it would not matter if the spaces in between the plasma panels are solar panels, the effect for the eye would still be one of a continuous screen! For the windows you alternate between see-through and plasma screen panels, in the same grid structure, and the doors you cover the same way as the walls.

Step three:

Now the fun starts!

Option a: You put a camera at a certain distance from your house, facing it(in front of it). And  another camera on the side of your house facing in the same direction as the one in front of it(behind it). You get a computer to draw the view from behind the house into the view you get from in front and show it on the plasma screens covering your whole house. What do you have now? An invisible house that acts like a chameleon(or a cloaking device, if you will)!

Option b: You could get your screen-house to give the impression(or digital image) of any building that takes your fancy, whether it be a Greek temple, the Coloseum or just an ordinary brick house.

Step four:

Now the real fun starts!!

You bring a visitor up to your “invisible” house and by remote control you switch the screens to first one option and then to a second one and so on. And when you are having drinks in the garden, you could turn it into a gigantic cinema, of course. Do you think that you would blow their minds?

P.S.: Admittedly this would not be for your average household, for it might cost a pretty penny!

P.P.S: If this is too technical for you then forget the solar panel business for a while and just imagine your whole house covered in one gigantic plasma screen. You could then give it any appearance you wanted, including having it blend in with the surroundings.

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