A Longing Hypothesis.

I am going to do my utmost to keep this as simple as I can. Please, bear with me for it is actually a bit complicated, but then it isn’t. It’s just a lot to condense into as little as possible. I’ll try and make sense in a minute.

I am a sentient being. I have a range of needs and emotions. I want to communicate these  to my loved ones. If I take every single need or emotion and rate them on a scale of one to ten(or more), I can give them a score. I now transform this score into a musical note. I compose a symphony, a symphony of joy or sadness and of anything that matters in my universe.

You are family and your needs and emotions are the same and you have the exact same rating system and musical sense. We understand each other. We sing to one another and convey the whole state of our inner being to our companions with rapturous music. Music that carries on the waves and under them. Add to this that the spectrum of our sense of hearing is enormous. Are you beginning to see the light?

I’ve always been intrigued by the songs of the highest mammals of the seas: our brethren, the whales! Is it not conceivable that this is how they communicate? Being an incurable romantic, I certainly hope so. I just wish I could understand, fathom the richness and texture of their expressions.

Singing on the Sea Wide Web:

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