Americans Horrified McMuffins Made With Real Eggs

Americans Horrified McDonald’s Egg McMuffins Made With Real Eggs. They might be real eggs, but I personally think that these eggs came from plastic chickens. Next they’ll be telling us that their burgers are made with beef from actual cows!!? Pull the other one McDonalds!



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I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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  1. I don’t eat meat because to me it’s no longer a treat
    I watched those cows being dragged by their feet
    To their deaths upside down as they screamed, “Please”–
    I beg you, don’t do this to non-violent me!

    So, what do I do? Eggs can feel, too?
    Corn and tomatoes, marshmallows from horses’ hooves…


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