In the Attic of my Soul.

Memories are energies, To fondle and to cuddle, To cherish and caress, To play with and to bless! * And to learn from, should wisdom call. I keep them safe in the attic of my soul, For without them, I could not be whole! Remembered embers of yesterday’s delights… * Unforgotten shadows of past fights… […]


Be kind and tender to the Frog, And do not call him names, As “Slimy skin,” or “Polly-wog,” Or likewise “Ugly James,” Or “Gap-a-grin,” or “Toad-gone-wrong,” Or “Bill Bandy-knees”: The Frog is justly sensitive To epithets like these. No animal will more repay A treatment kind and fair; At least so lonely people say Who […]

Once Upon A Festival – Laarne 2010 and 2011

The last, late guest To the gate we followed; Goodbye — and the rest The night-wind swallowed. House, garden, street, Lay tenfold gloomy, Where accents sweet Had made music to me. It was but a feast With the dark coming on; I was but a guest — And now, all’s gone. Miss ya all (OUAF […]

The Art of You.

The Art of You, In each and every part of You, You who paint with every move, Your voice that dances on the groove, * Why do her wiles beguile me so, intrigue and rile me so? Her yielding hardness transforms me, leaves me breathless and  so… haunts me! * Her brave surrender makes her […]

Sorting Out the Junk in my Brain.

Appointing a file clerk: I was rearranging assorted neurons in my spidery attic, trying to establish some semblance of order, but I soon threw my electron arms up in the air, in despair. I might as well rename those neurons(or morons?), which govern my thought processes, “ludicrons”! It was then, that I remembered something, which my […]

The Mime, who would not shut up!

Whiling away the time, is he. Waiting for someone to set him free, from his own ceaseless chatter. You might ask: “What´s the matter? Why doesn´t he keep his peace, stop quacking like goofy geese?” You and your kind are to blame, for not catching on to his game! He was just being a mime, standing […]