My Special Place!

Allegory of the Five Senses

Let me take you to my special place,
where no mortal has gone before you.
My sanctum sanctorini, full of poetry for all the senses!
To that twilight stage, where shadows doubt themselves.
I shall paint you landscapes of iridescent incredulity,
with manna tumbling from the skies, to nourish all.
Let me show you dewdrops filled with sheer happiness,
In the land where tigers lick newborn lambs´ fur
to a shiny whiteness, smiled upon benignly by the ewes.
Where all nature´s creatures sing of simple joys
and where the laughter of babies is sacred!
Where in all humility, I can offer you my fragile heart,
without fear of it breaking…
Where strength is measured in kindness.
I shall take you to the nuptial hammock,
spun out of angels´ patience,
with pillows filled with tenderness.
There to consecrate our bond and graduate to even higher planes!
Art thou, my twin-in-joy, prepared to take the step???