Spring Again?

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Lieven Grillaert
Come, sons of summer, by whose toil
We are the lords of wine and oil;
By whose tough labours, and rough hands,
We rip up first, then reap our lands.
Crown’d with the ears of corn, now come,
And to the pipe sing Harvest Home.
Come forth, my lord, and see the cart
Dress’d up with all the country art.
See, here a malkin, there a sheet,
As spotless pure, as it is sweet;
The horses, mares, and frisking fillies,
(Clad, all, in linen, white as lilies.)
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Funny, funnier, funniest!

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I just read a story about “Why English teachers retire early.” on the Experience Project. These are said to be similes committed by high school students. I haven’t laughed so good and so long in ages. I thought that I would share it with you all, here is the link:  Click!

For anyone who loves a good laugh!!!

Funny Stuff from a New Friend.


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The Chicken/The Bike (Weekend Jokes).

Read them and chuckle! Go on, hop over and have a laugh…

There is even a whole category for jokes that I still have to check out. If you beat me to it, come back and report!

Isn’t it about time we started cooperating with each other a bit on WordPress?

Cavorting Galaxies.

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The Goddess of Love touched the end of his magic wand and then, with the same finger she brushed his third eye, thereby turning his whole being into a sensitised zone. She caressed his arm. He began to quiver until she said: “Go!”

It started with a flow that turned into a rush, up and up he spiraled, turning into seas and oceans having tsunami waves of pleasure. Earth erupted molten magma and ash into the stratosphere and still on and on he traveled.

Colliding asteroids were turned into cosmic dust and were carried through the non-void by vortexes of solar winds. He knew the climax of every sentient being that ever was and ever would be. He became Creation’s need and simultaneously its fulfillment. Worlds turned into specks of invisible dust of cavorting galaxies, wrapped around their mates in celestial ecstasy. The Milky twins had their spurting Ways with him. He melted with the All and unbelieving love was his to embrace.

He tumbled back down through the illusion of matter. Falling through atoms and bombs, through neurons and trons, through blogs and fogs into the mists of beyond, to the beginning that never was, but always will be! Floating on the matrix of underlying energy that binds us all, he wondered no more, for “As above, so below, the Story is just the same!”