A Spark of Light!

Painting by Anders Zorn

I was dreaming of holding a brush again, the heady aroma of oil paint, mixed with turpentine heightening my senses and ensconcing me, for a while, in those folds of the fabric of being, where time is irrelevant. My sweet darling sits in front of me, on her throne of love. Her eyes are kaleidoscopes of never-ending, always changing mysteries. The force of her gorgeous spirit is bursting through the seams of her exquisite femininity. Curves cascade onto plains of sensuous promise.

I am turned magician, hoping to translate this shimmering vision into an image, that would accurately describe my feelings for this angel. The folly of it all, but try it I will. Each brush stroke is a caress, wrested in sweet agony, from my very soul, to compose a symphony of this triumph of life. The lady´s aura is fluid in its iridescence. Swirling specks of breathing light dance a fandango, to the thrum of Cupid´s whispered endearments. Music floats through my center and transforms it into mellifluous colours, the spectrum of which seems unearthly.

Why does this monumental woman entrance me so? This lady is surely the most inspired of the Master´s creations. Even though I could never do justice to the intrinsic value of her delight, at least I can revel in the glory of the effect she has on me. A marooned sailor finally reaching home after eons of endless tortured misinterpretations of the true sense of his duty(my duty), which is to uphold the covenant of sacred love, that was somehow forged between us. Not an undaunting task, but one that I embrace with every atom of my life force!

Can you remember the awe you felt, when you last witnessed mother nature´s raw power, when she decided to demonstrate her displeasure in the form of a tornado, an erupting volcano or a tidal wave? This withers into paltriness, compared to the connection that exists between us two lovers, because it reverberates through every node and thread of energy, that binds together the universe. Mankind in its entirety exults in its inevitability and shares in our ebullient celebrations. We have re-invented fire! Could you! give me a light, dearest?

Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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