Proverb of the Day

Proverb of the Day.

From a lovely lady with kind thoughts and deep feelings.

Lo que sabemos es una gota de agua; lo que ign... 


That ud do me!

Caboose turned into a cozy home and comfy by the looks of it.

Go and take a look: <lick> (left that typo on purpose!)

Caboose Home - Oddity Central.

Or I wouldn’t mind having Bilbo for a neighbour!

Check this out: <slick!>

Real Hobbit House from Oddity Central

Or how about Fred and Wilma?

Go Yabadadoo! <bambam!>

Fafe Stone House - Oddity Central

Let us Start a Fanclub!

Another WOW and WAW!

Another BIG thank you to Lieven for finding this little  jewel!

This a a story that lies close to my heart, having been homeless myself. It does not get any better than this. A story about an orphan boy, who at the age of five ran away from the orphanage, because he was being beaten there. Since then he has lived on the street, for more than ten years, supporting himself by selling chewing gum, but sleeping in stairways and in public toilets.

This story takes place in Korea. The boy heard a singer in a nightclub and decided to give it a try, by himself and to himself. He finally got up enough courage to enter in the national talent competition and boy did he ever make an impression! The judges and the audience were crying during his performance and so was I. The lead judge of a panel of three’s first reaction was: “Young man, I just want to hug you!” This phenomenon humbles me in a way that I can not express. He reminded me NEVER to give up your dream. One reminder to whom it may concern: Never judge a book by its cover.

One wonders how many homeless wonders are out there that nobody will ever hear or read about! I challenge anyone to listen to this artists account, listen to his song and not be moved. His name is Sung-Bong and he has since won the finals. You will definitely be hearing more from him.

I rest my case, over to him:

Do me a favour everyone and Press This!

One wonders how many more homeless people out there have something to offer?

Liebster Blog Award.

I am tickled pink and titillated to receive the Liebster Blog Award and appreciate this popular surprise. I want to thank Lindy Lee from the Poetic Licensee site, for this gift. She is a truly witty writer and I always look forward to her posts.

Liebster translates as “favourite” or “dearest” in German. It’s an award that’s meant to be passed along to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The purpose is to help give us new kids on the block a bit of a nudge in the way of followers and fans. Continue reading

Am I Weird or What?

Love Is the Answer (album)

Image via Wikipedia

No need to answer that question. I know the answer already! I had a visit here on my site from a lady,who likes to spread love around. Not the kinky kind! I find this a very commendable attitude. I visited her site and came across the lyrics to the Julio Iglesias song: To all the Girls(she changed this to Men) I’ve Loved Before and this got me thinking. Mmmm… yeah, I know. Here we go again! There must be something about me that is not like most people, definitely! Ok, I’ll stop stating the bleedin’ obvious. But just this once, I’m serious!

In my life during my associations with acquaintances, friends and family, I’ve heard the following saying quite a number of times: “I don’t love you anymore!” This was not always directed at me, you understand. I have also read this a lot and heard it a lot in songs and on television. This does not hold true for me! Once I love someone, she or he is in my heart and a part of me forever, period! I do not seem to have an off-switch for love. Continue reading

Who Needs to Say Anything?

Illustration depicting thought.

Image via Wikipedia

A man and a woman, who have known each other for a longish period but were never involved, are exchanging sms messages. The man goes first:

– I’m thinking about you!

– What are you thinking?

– Mmmmm…

– What does that mean?

– Oh nothing in particular.

– Yeah, yeah, does that mean what I think it means?

– I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if I was thinking what you thought I was thinking, would you mind?

– I depends, I’m confused, I’ll have to think on it!

– Right, let me know when you’ve decided.

– When I have decided what?

– Whether you would like me to think what you thought I was thinking!

– Just tell me what you were thinking!

– No! You have to give me a clue first…

– About what?

– About whether it would offend you or not.

– What would offend me or not?

– Whatever you like!

– Ok, I’ll play along. Were we alone?

– We could be, if you wanted.

– Mmmm… Were the lights on?

– Some… I want to see!

– What do you want to see?

– You!

– Dammit, your place or mine!?

Cloaking Device for Your House!

Solar panels near Dukovany Nuclear Power Station.

Cover your whole house like this! - Wikipedia

Step one:

Say you build a house in the form of a cube(for easy reference) and then you add a roof that slopes down in one direction, facing the direction that gets the  most sunlight. 

Step two:

Get a company to build environment friendly double-usage screens that are also weather-proof. For this you design your screen as a grid. On the grid you alternate one mini solar  panel with one mini plasma screen. Tentative measurements for one screen could be a square yard and for the mini panels a square inch or less. This way you get solar energy at the same time as a giant three-dimensional tv, because the four walls plus the roof would be covered. From a distance it would not matter if the spaces in between the plasma panels are solar panels, the effect for the eye would still be one of a continuous screen! For the windows you alternate between see-through and plasma screen panels, in the same grid structure, and the doors you cover the same way as the walls.

Step three:

Now the fun starts!

Option a: You put a camera at a certain distance from your house, facing it(in front of it). And  another camera on the side of your house facing in the same direction as the one in front of it(behind it). You get a computer to draw the view from behind the house into the view you get from in front and show it on the plasma screens covering your whole house. What do you have now? An invisible house that acts like a chameleon(or a cloaking device, if you will)!

Option b: You could get your screen-house to give the impression(or digital image) of any building that takes your fancy, whether it be a Greek temple, the Coloseum or just an ordinary brick house.

Step four:

Now the real fun starts!!

You bring a visitor up to your “invisible” house and by remote control you switch the screens to first one option and then to a second one and so on. And when you are having drinks in the garden, you could turn it into a gigantic cinema, of course. Do you think that you would blow their minds?

P.S.: Admittedly this would not be for your average household, for it might cost a pretty penny!

P.P.S: If this is too technical for you then forget the solar panel business for a while and just imagine your whole house covered in one gigantic plasma screen. You could then give it any appearance you wanted, including having it blend in with the surroundings.

Woe Is Me!

Red Rose – Google images

Once again I am stumped.

Yet again I’ve been dumped.

I was staring at a rose in bloom,

Imagining myself her bridegroom.


In an attempt to communicate,

I decided to tempt the fate

and sent a tiny fart her way,

as I didn’t know what to say!


She was  clearly not impressed,

as you probably have guessed!

She promptly left me for a jasmine,

turning me into her has-been!

A Longing Hypothesis.

I am going to do my utmost to keep this as simple as I can. Please, bear with me for it is actually a bit complicated, but then it isn’t. It’s just a lot to condense into as little as possible. I’ll try and make sense in a minute.

I am a sentient being. I have a range of needs and emotions. I want to communicate these  to my loved ones. If I take every single need or emotion and rate them on a scale of one to ten(or more), I can give them a score. I now transform this score into a musical note. I compose a symphony, a symphony of joy or sadness and of anything that matters in my universe.

You are family and your needs and emotions are the same and you have the exact same rating system and musical sense. We understand each other. We sing to one another and convey the whole state of our inner being to our companions with rapturous music. Music that carries on the waves and under them. Add to this that the spectrum of our sense of hearing is enormous. Are you beginning to see the light?

I’ve always been intrigued by the songs of the highest mammals of the seas: our brethren, the whales! Is it not conceivable that this is how they communicate? Being an incurable romantic, I certainly hope so. I just wish I could understand, fathom the richness and texture of their expressions.

Singing on the Sea Wide Web:

Americans Horrified McMuffins Made With Real Eggs

Americans Horrified McDonald’s Egg McMuffins Made With Real Eggs. They might be real eggs, but I personally think that these eggs came from plastic chickens. Next they’ll be telling us that their burgers are made with beef from actual cows!!? Pull the other one McDonalds!




no tags, no picture…. I wouldn’t dare……

A woman is a foreign land,
Of which, though there he settle young,
A man will ne’er quite understand
The customs, politics, and tongue.
The foolish hie them post-haste through,
See fashions odd, and prospects fair,
Learn of the language, “How d’ye do,”
And go and brag they have been there.
The most for leave to trade apply,
For once, at Empire’s seat, her heart,
Then get what knowledge ear and eye
Glean chancewise in the life-long mart.
And certain others, few and fit,
Attach them to the Court, and see
The Country’s best, its accent hit,
And partly sound its polity.

Fool’s Play.

Tibetan endless knot

Tibetan Endless Knot – Wikipedia

An unravelled thread in a torn veil,
that’s soaked with tears and sweat.
Sweat of fear and tears over blood
as yet unspent or not yet dreamt of?

A shroud for the dead or as good as…
But what should they care for modesty?
A stray neuron in the mind of a fool,
convinced of his magnificence…

And of everyone’s indifference.
A particle stuck between two magnets,
that in their blind thirst for faith,
without a thought, tear it apart…

But the quest goes on, as ever…

Stay Dumb!

It is my immutable destiny to be forgotten.

Have I ever even been heard at all?

But then, … did I have anything to say?

I am not a plaything for the gods.

I am too insignificant for that!

Impertinence to even think it.

Less than a grain of sand.

Play with thy thumbs…

and stay dumb.


I am not to blame!

Blame It on the Fish

Blame it on the Fish - Wikipedia

I am not to blame!

Society is to blame,

My parents are to blame,

School is to blame,

My neighbour is to blame,

And why not: God is to blame!


You make the choice!

You have the  responsibility!

You have to carry the consequences of your actions!

Have a little faith in the kindness of humanity,

Put a little trust in your fellow man,

Believe in your own goodness…

Break the vicious circle of hate and violence! 

P.S.: This was Ralphie talking to the walls again.

By song by a now ex-bum is kind of apt:

Tonight I Invite My Lost Ones.

Farmer by Rien Poortvliet - via Flikr

Tonight I invite my lost ones, whether passed on or still of this world. I shall celebrate with my memories and toast forgotten possibilities. I shall invite my beloved late grandparents to please show me the many errors of my ways. I shall ask forgiveness of my late wife for the small and not-so-small intransigences perpetrated against her. I wonder if I will get a second chance, in another life maybe, to make the same mistakes all over again, for I do not in all honesty believe that I will ever learn.

I am too inept at this game of living, do not possess the necessary skills.

I can not even see, what it is that I should be doing.

I am complete in my impotence to accept life on it own terms.

I am lost, but what is new. I never trod the way. Is there even one?

I can not and will not accept a world of dog eat dog. All through history the soldiers have protected against the enemy, “they” say. My question is: Why should there be enemies? And what of the farmers, without whose bread the soldiers would have starved to death. Are they just excess waste to be trodden upon and exploited. Wake up, for God’s sake and smell the roses! My soul is growing wearier and wearier with this doomed fight that was lost before it even began. What on Earth am I doing here? Again, I am lost! If anyone can show me even the first step of THE way, please step forward…

But then, that will not do either! Because THE way does not exist. Each has to find his own way of coping with it all… Right, a smile is my answer! A simple smile for a child in need of some incouragement. A smile of friendship for anyone who cares. A smile for the flowers and the sunsets. A smile for the folly of this, your humble, weary servant.

And on plods the farmer…

Just knife

just now
moved through my heart
like the thinnest of blades
as that red-tail pumped
once with its great wings
and flew above the gray, cracked
rock wall.
It wasn’t
about the bird, it was
something about the way
stone stays
mute and put, whatever
goes flashing by.
when I sit like this, quiet,
all the dreams of my blood
and all outrageous divisions of time
seem ready to leave,
to slide out of me.
Then, I imagine, I would never move.
By now
the hawk has flown five miles
at least,
dazzling whoever else has happened
to look up.
I was dazzled. But that
wasn’t the knife.
It was the sheer, dense wall
of blind stone
without a pinch of hope
or a single unfulfilled desire
sponging up and reflecting,
so brilliantly,
as it has for centuries,
the sun’s fire.