New Cloaking Device Created!

Dallas scientists have created a new device, which can render objects behind it invisible, using nano carbon tubes to bend light rays. See the video! The Obama administration is planning to use this technique to hide the state of the US economy from the eyes of the world! All hail technology!! Of course, in Europe […]


Pangs of hope near asphyxiate me. This thrilling dance of the chase disorients me. Will she step undaunted into the void of untold futures? Or will she remain shackled to the fears of past misfortunes? Is love enough? Shall we eat sandwiches smeared with kisses? And drink each others´hunger for one another? Let´s walk on […]

Hackers did it again!

The hackers’ group Anonymous have threatened to reveal the corrupt going on in Vera Cruz, Mexico if one of their members who was abducted by a drugs cartel there is not returned safely. View the video! Related articles Online Hackers Threaten To Expose Cartel’s Secrets ( Anonymous Takes On a Mexican Drug Cartel ( Online […]