Karma: Cruel or Fair?

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Yohdi paid me a visit, telling me about a most peculiar trip he had made. Apparently, he had been to the other plane, where souls roam, in the same space but on a different time and energy level. He had debated with himself whether to impart the knowledge he had gleaned there with us, because it might upset a significant part of humanity. But then he thought, they can always change if they so choose!

How he got there, he forgot to mention, but the first thing he told me is that a soul is whole. It does not need to breathe, eat nor drink. It just IS! Theoretically speaking, if one soul were to try and steal energy from another, it would not have anywhere to put it, because a soul is full to the brim, one hundred percent. If you were to try and add something, it would just slide off.

BUT…the ONLY way a soul can get anything other than its own intrinsic energy, is through communion. In other words, the cosmic law of Karma applies, which says that you have to give(make room) to immediately and automatically receive an equal amount of energy(love) from another. This process can operate one on one, or in group. The more you give and receive, the higher the frequency and the more elevated the plane you travel to. And the older your soul, meaning the more times you have been reincarnated, the easier it becomes.

This is good news for some. But it is definitely NOT good news for others, because some souls are inherently selfish, which insulates them from all the rest of this plane of the universe. Their refusal or inability to give, traps them inside themselves for an eternity of loneliness. And because the ONLY way of communicating is through communion, it renders them deaf, dumb and blind to the bliss that surrounds them.

Only they themselves can CHOOSE to change their situation by deciding to give something of themselves. Only they can break the chains of this perpetual nightmare of their own making. Karma can be cruel! It is a bit of a reversal of the roles, is it not? But I do relish the ironic symmetry of it though!!

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  1. If only other people thought the same way…maybe the world wouldn’t be such a cruel place, you know?

    However, I guess that the same balance must be applied with good and evil, with there being an equal amount of both qualities in every place you find.

    Bleh!! But that doesn’t mean I have to like it!!


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