White Light.

Cosmic twirl

Cosmic Twirl – Wikipedia

Gentle kind and loving light of life´s most blissful harmony.
Where is my living proof of The Lord´s mastery of creation?
I only needs listen to the mute song of love´s mystery
for the waves of thy tender soul to lead me to thy side.
Thou art my genesis, my betwixt and my continuity.
My white forever light, conjunction of every shade art thou.
To forsake thee for one day less than eternity would be hell.


Woman, thou shalt be the death of me!

English: Mother Nature Română: Mama natura

Mother Nature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woman, thou shalt be the death of me!

Men and wild beasts have tried

to conquer my indomitable spirit.

I sent them on their way, laughing.

Even Mother Nature did her utmost,

with gales and sleet and snow and such

and failed to bring me to my knees.

But THOU , woman, I can not fight!

I am like a child before thee,

putty in thy tender, slender hands.

For heaven´s sake show mercy

and tread gently, because

for thy love I would die.

A tiny prayer!

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Deep in the folds
of my love´s embrace,
I bide my time,

waiting for the hurt to heal.
One by one I pick up the pieces

of my shattered soul and then,
like a frightened child,

I hold them up to the mother of my love,
to kiss them and make me whole again!

Oh, That Gory Glory!

Chris Hemsworth as Thor as depicted in the upc...

Thor! – Wikipedia

Mad howling hounds of war,

Great warriors of Thor,

Is this what you would be?

If only you could see,

What it looks like to me:


Pavlov´s pets march again,

and kill till they hear ´when´!

Conditioned reflexes

instilled in both sexes

by power-hungry kings,

who took away their wings

and lead them by the nose,

with rings that they chose.


What matters is money.

t´Is their milk and honey.

And no nickels and dimes!

Will they pay for their crimes?

The puppet-master grins.

t´Is always he who wins!


Now don´t let any thief

rid you of your belief,

that I am mistaken,

for you might awaken.

And then you´d have to face

the fact of your disgrace…!!?

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Botut, the name…


How many cats do you see on this picture? (hin...

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Botut, the name.

You should never ever tut, tut a name like Botut! And certainly not until you’ve read where it comes from (hint, hint…)

A cryptic hint for the super-sleuths amongst you: it has one on each end…