Prose that reads like poetry!

I just stumbled onto a site, where there seem to roam some majestic authors. Nothing like the drivel that I write, this is Hemingway quality stuff! The site is called:  Linguistic Playfulness (<- click here!) I am following them with interest. Do join me! Related articles Anything goes when it comes to prose, but… ( […]

#WTF: robot called Big Dog

#WTF: robot llamado Big Dog. Watch this video! I was wondering if this particular robot was a bit tipsy.   Whatever will they think of next?                 Related articles Big Flower, Little Dog ( Boston Dynamics Unveils AlphaDog Quadruped Robot ( Boston Dynamics unwraps military robot AlphaDog (w/ […]

Becoming the Wolf

Becoming the Wolf. Click the above link to read a marvelous article(with beautiful pictures)! I “pressed” this because, first of all I am a dog lover and secondly, I have always loved to listen to wolves howling. In my opinion they are wonderful animals, the only ones by the way that will ever raise a […]

Web Vigilantes Attack Kiddy Porn Sites

Web Vigilantes Attack Kiddy Porn Sites. Hackers attack porn sites that show child pornography. It´s about frigging time somebody did something about this! If anybody reads this, please go to the original site and reblog, to show your support! More awesome content from the Bloggo Schloggo site… Leave our kids ALONE111!!!