Your Stars – according to Ralphie!


Lib(e)rating stuff without people´s consent, is not a done thing! If you want to win the lottery, you should buy a ticket(it helps!).


Don´t forget to put on sun cream, when you´re in the desert! Sting made some nice music, but stop waving that thing at me or I´ll call the Police!


If unemployed, try Cupid. He needs a hand! Where were you, when General Custer needed you?


I´m tired of being the butt of your jokes! They eat it ´on the cob´ in that isle!


Stop hogging the bathroom! Are you homeless? Get an aquarium!


Clean out your bowl. It´s a mess! Doesn´t it feel like your swimming around in circles?
Alright. you are exempt from eating fish on Good Friday!


Get off that mountaintop and socialise! Temper, temper! Love is good, love is nice!


Red does not become you! And don´t think that the grass is always greener on the other side!


I sense a duality about you! But you´re both jewels(mini ones but nice!).


You do grow on people. Leave it out! The Little Mermaid needs help!


You may call yourself King of the Jungle, but you’re a teddy bear! Ever heard of equal rights? Stop letting the females do all the work!


Look up Aries, convince him to stop making war and…???! ´Those´ crisps are really yummy! No love in your tummy yet?


Comments, comm...on! I know you're busy, but what the hey?

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