The Primordial Elements…

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

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The four elements, in conjunction, are necessary to give and sustain life. Every living being has all four present within itself, but one of them will always be the dominant one. The following is a summary of some of  the effects of the dominant ones on us humans.

Suggestion: Should you realise that you are hampered by an over-dominant element, foster its opposite, which also dwells within you.

1. The Original Fire(the Germ!) which is the spark that brings the idea into being(abstract).

Qualities: transforming and demanding.

Makes for inventive and passionate people who could be pioneers and leaders. If you want change, these are the ones to contact!

*The Phoenix has no fear, for it knows it shall be reborn!!!*

2. The Creating Wind(Life-giver) which breathes life into the idea(spirit).

Qualities: transporting and divine.

Makes for meticulous but fickle people who could be great thinkers and teachers. If you can not find the solution to a problem, ask them for help!

*Never fear, the wizard is here!*

3. The Moulding Earth(the Forge) which gives shape to the idea(form).

Qualities: Attracting and containing.

Makes for evaluating and clear-thinking people, who could be designers and managers. If you are looking for someone to hold things together, look no further!

*Your inner strength will see you through!*

4. The Mothering Water(the Womb) which nurtures the being to adulthood(evolution).

Qualities: Nurturing and adapting.

Makes for empathic but enigmatic people, who could be artists or care-givers. If you want a shoulder to cry on, find them!

*Water will ALWAYS find a way!*