Present from Lieven 23.

The Drunken Silenus

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Lieven Grillaert

  • Sweet serene sky-like flower,
    Haste to adorn her bower;
    From thy long cloudy bed
    Shoot forth thy damask head!

    New-startled blush of Flora,
    The grief of pale Aurora,
    Who will contest no more,
    Haste, haste to strew her floor!

    Vermilion ball that’s given
    From lip to lip in heaven,
    Love’s couch’s coverlet,
    Haste, haste to make her bed!

    Dear offspring of pleased Venus
    And jolly plump Silenus,
    Haste, haste to deck the hair
    Of the only sweetly fair!

    See! rosy is her bower,
    Her floor is all this flower;
    Her bed a rosy nest
    By a bed of roses pressed.

    But early as she dresses,
    Why fly you her bright tresses?
    Ah! I have found, I fear,—
    Because her cheeks are near.


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