Present from Lieven 20.

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Lieven Grillaert:

Great Streets of silence led
To Neighborhoods of Pause
Here was no Notice, no Dissent
No Universe, no laws

By Clocks, ’twas Morning, and for Night
The Bells at Distance called
But Epoch had no basis here
For Period exhaled.

Present from Lieven 19.

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I take my wine jug out among the flowers
to drink alone, without friends.

I raise my cup to entice the moon.
That, and my shadow, makes us three.

But the moon doesn’t drink,
and my shadow silently follows.

I will travel with moon and shadow,
happy to the end of spring.

When I sing, the moon dances.
When I dance, my shadow dances, too.

We share life’s joys when sober.
Drunk, each goes a separate way.

Constant friends, although we wander,
we’ll meet again in the Milky Way.

To Ralphie with love

Present from Lieven 17.

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If only the sun-drenched celebrities are being noticed and worshiped, then our children are going to have a tough time seeing the value in the shadows, where the thinkers, probers and scientists are keeping society together.

Poetry out of Laarne is language at its most distilled and most powerful.
Cheer up he shouted ! And we did…