Alternative Travel Guide to Spain?

This is where you can ask zany or silly questions and tell outright lies about Spain. Go on, go for it! I´ll start us off:

– Contrary to popular opinion, Portugal is not one of Spain´s provinces, but an actual country.


Travel Guide to Spain?

Gastronomía manchega, Pedro Muñoz.

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Feel free to ask any questions, that could make your stay in Spain easier or more enjoyable!?

Just to start us off:

– Post office boxes are yellow and are marked “Correos”.

– Instead of the habitual British fare, do try some tapas(snacks) or regular Spanish food.

– In most places you will NOT find public toilets. Bars and restaurants are ´supposed´to let you use them free of charge.

– Do not use shampoo or soap, when using the beach showers(heavy fines!).

– If you have ´unusual´questions or just tourist info, why not ask a street person(and tip them, please!).

– Watch out for pickpockets(these are usually well dressed).

– Watch out for women who offer you a flower(professional pick-pockets!).

– When sitting on a terrace, put your purse on your lap.

– Do not forget your sunblock! The Spanish sun is a killer.

– In this climate, it is imperative that you drink enough water. Remember: coffee and alcohol are diuretics, they get rid of your fluids -> replenish them!!

Any further questions, just ask!