Sooo Easy to be Happy!

Let my try to find the words. I did not invent any of this. It has been commented upon, in various philosophies over the ages. I have amalgamated it into the following:
Think of the brain as a bunch of threads that intersect, forming nodes. Any time that you think a thought, you leave a little deposit in one of the nodes, thereby strengthening it. This is how you make memories and perceive reality(which is subjective!). So, I will give you a little exercise to do twice daily and you do not have to believe in it. You just have to DO it! And at the end of one week, come and tell me what has changed in your life!? Here goes:
Every morning, when you are brushing your teeth, say to yourself: “I CHOOSE to be happy!”(and this let us say twenty times in a row), as if you really mean it. You do not actually have to mean it, the results will prove it for themselves later on. But, you do have to do it consciously, that is: do not rattle it off. Do the same thing in the evening, when you are in bed. I repeat: you do not have to believe it, just bleeding well DO it and watch the results.
If you need any proof of the veracity of this technique, the lovely Datura on EP here, is living proof of it. Do read about her “seeing through loving eyes”!
There, off you go and do your chores!


Quantum Ruminations.

All matter is a construct of particles of energy, that is arranged into a certain temporary form. I am looking at a cupboard. I see the cupboard, because my brain is relayed in such a way as to recognise it. Because, you see, the space between the cupboard and myself is NOT empty, in the way that I PERCEIVE it, but is in REALITY filled with the energy of oxygen, air and other gasses, which my brain is NOT relayed to recognise as MATTER. And there might very well be forms of energy there, that we are not programmed to see! And as I´ve said before: “nothing” does not exist! Energy is EVERYWHERE, in all directions and in all dimensions. Therefore is goes without saying, that everything is INTERCONNECTED!!!! And if you observe a phenomenon, then your experiencing of  it or in other words: the sending of your thoughts or will power(=energy!) towards the object that is being observed, will inevitably change its behaviour, because of your ADDED energy! If you truly realise the enormity of this, you start to doubt yourself as a SEPARATE entity, as in separate from the universal energy being – re – the ALL!
Zany enough for you?

Unfortunate, but true!

Old Beggar, 1916, by Louis Dewis, painted just...

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I think it´s going to be one of them days! I had difficulty getting up this morning, because all my muscles were hurting(ok, ok, the atrophied bits that are all that remain of what used to be Sly Stallone material). I don´t know, maybe it´s the heat that causes it. Seeing as, in this weather, I´m not prone to over-exertion. So, I was hurting all over, penniless and bloody starving. Did I tell you that I´m two stone(about thirty pounds) underweight? This is due, in part, to last winter, which was not the high point of my existence. But enough about that! I went to my pitch, hoping to make enough for a bite to eat, but no such luck.

After about an hour, my stomach was starting to growl so loudly, that the neighbours came and complained. I sighed, got up and told myself that there was nothing for it, but to go and check the bins for some food. I know that some people will find this gross, but to them I ask the following question: Have you ever, in your entire lifetime, been well and truly hungry? If you haven´t, don´t be too quick to judge! Remember the saying: There but for the grace of God, go I! By the way, I do apologise, for the insalubrious nature of the topic for this Tittbit, but I write them how I find them, if you catch my drift!? Continue reading

A Silent Prayer.


prayer.. (Photo credit: aronki)

Strip me of all pretenses,

see me naked, see me true.

If you still love me then,

forever more I’ll stand by you!


See me shivering, possibly deformed,

hoping that in your eyes, I might just do?

Take my childlike, fragile hopes

and look upon them as a silent prayer.


This is the sacred trust I put in you:

to thine own soul shalt thou be true!

Does the hand fit the glove?

That decides the One above!!