Love Yourself!

Hello again! I am not going anywhere. In this case, my biggest character flaw, will be turned into my trump card. I am thrawn. I learned this word a couple of months ago, out of some book. I don´t remeber which. It is a Scottish word, meaning, to be so stubborn, that it can be detrimental to your own health. But there is method to my madness, and also a strong conviction. You see, all my life, I have been conviced that love is the only thing that really matters in this world. When I didn´t have it, I felt very sad and when I did have it, I was overjoyed. Ergo, my life has been a quest to find a permanent source of this prime resource. I have read a great deal and I owe a debt of gratitude to more authors than I can even remember. Because after a couple of thousand of books, it all becomes a bit of a blur. I had all the relevant information, very early on in life, thanks to my magnificent grandparents, whom I can not thank enough. But as I´ve said somewhere before, knowing something intelectually, is not enough. You have to have lived the great truths of life, to finally understand them. It took a long time for everyting to sink inand for the many pieces of the puzzle to interconnect. So finally, I have come to the realisation that the answer was always there. It is so obvious, that it is unbelievable. Until you try it and then you just know it makes sense. Here goes! You have to love yourself first and foremost, before you can give love to others. The answer was never out there. It was always there, to be found within myself. It took me so long to find this out, because on many levels, I´m just plain thick. To those of you, who are as thick as I am, I want to press this oint firmly, namely that you can love yourself, simply because you deserve it, not excluding anyone. We are all connected and interconnected to this universal source, which is love. You can call it God, by any name you choose, ot call it whatever you feel comfortable with. But in the end, though nobody can precisely define it, we all know it, without having to understand it. It is just there, period.

You don´t even have to go on a quest for it, inside yourself. This is the beauty of it. You just have to consciously CHOOSE it. BUT…you have to choose the verb, not the noun! You have to choose to give love. Don´t choose love and expect it to come to you unaided, because then you´re missing the point. Only when you start to love yourself willingly, can it start to flow outwards adn flow back on itself. I can not express enough the importance of this word(verb) to CHOOSE!!! Choose it consciously and repeat and repeat and repeat it, until your brain inevitably accepts it, as fact. Ýou don´t even have to believe it, to begin with. Just DO it. You will believe it automatically later on, when you start to experience it. And at that point in time, it is your duty to pass it on, to those around you. But it doesn´t have to stop there. You can join me in sending it out to the whole world, starting with just five seconds a day. If we do this together, we WILL change this world for the better, simply because love always grows exponentially(the ripple effect).

One other thing, the opposite of love is not hate. Hate is a destructive emotion. The opposite of love is indifference, which is the killer of all that is good in life. If you don´t alreay care, then choose to start to care, for yourself first and then later on for others. My life is far from being perfect, but I force myself to face it with a smile and a kind heart. I trust the rest to take care of itself. I shall keep you informed.


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