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A Dream of You!

Image via photobucket.com

Image via photobucket.com

I roamed in gossamer dreams
of your Chantilly face,
which smelt of lilies gone wild,
on a purple Moon tide.

I dreamt of a sin,
so soft, it melted saints.
who, saddened, but gladdened,
blessed us in vain.

I lived in a love so sublime,
the Garden was opened anew.
because of you, yes, you…
for the gift of this bliss.


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Silvery Majesty.

Image by forum.zing.vn

Image by forum.zing.vn

Staring in you beauteous eyes,
I sometimes spy an older you,
in a mellow future dream,
of utter trust and silent understanding.

A vision of silvery majesty,
luxuriating in spent urgency,
as need blossoms into sharing,
along ages of lilting laughter.

A lake filled with tears of joy,
to relax our still-smiling bones in,
with the beat of our contented hearts
singing lullabies to one another.


Join Me!

Afraid to love,
cause some ass broke your heart?
Afraid to care,
cause some jerk used you hard?

Afraid to live,
cause you’ve died yet again?
Afraid to be happy,
cause you doubt now is when?

A million reasons
not to let go of the fear?
When one is enough:
that you’re loved and I’m here!

In love with the blues,
when the Sun shines so bright?
Let go of your pain,
join me here in the light!

But As One.

Image by melmika.hubpages.com

Image by melmika.hubpages.com

A fair flower was born,
from the womb of the World.
Her dark hues were such,
that they shone in the night.

A beacon of might,
of the might one calls love,
sent for those without sight,
by the Ones up above.

One look in her eyes
could mend broken souls.
One touch of her lips
could drive angels insane.

Yet still she was sad,
this creature of light,
for who would dare love her,
of the dazzling flame?

But one who’d been seared,
struck dumb and extinguished,
did go without shame, without fear,
to share in her pain, to help her burn.

Embracing they’ll stand,
as a timeless testament
to the strength of two souls,
who can endure but as one.

Never Stop!

My love, she fills me up with gladness,
so much, it’s like a moaning madness.
Overflowing, brimming, swimming
on an ever-changing tide of raptures.

She captivates me all the while,
beguiles me softly with her smiles,
enunciating each smooth endearment,
till it’s crystal clear and well-received.

Her soul, it whispers to my spirit,
of a myriad caresses still to come,
and I, lost in her, beg of her, urgently,
to please not tease and never, ever stop!

Let us walk Up to the Moon…


Image from Sin Madison

Let us walk up to the Moon…
it’s not that far away.

I’ll see you soon,
in days and dreams
and in the flesh,
to celebrate our union,
to hold our love communion.
To feast and revel in one another,
to finally discover,
what it means
to be alive.

The Sacred Trust – Video(Edited).

I’m a bit shaky as this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like it and I have terminal stage fright, even when home alone in front of my pc. But here goes:

Image: Deepak Vermamonu

Image: Deepak Vermamonu

At last the end’s in sight,
the hurt is gone,
the purpose found.

The light is seen,
now follow through
and start anew.

Darkness withers,
love has come,
alone no more.

Deep satisfaction
of sacred trust,
given and received.

We have found home,
here or anywhere,
in each other’s arms.

My Love’s Eyes.

By Ralphie:

Image from tumblr.com

Image from tumblr.com

Each pore of my love’s gorgeous skin

makes love to me in a most peculiar way.
As if saying: stay, please stay.
As if I were going anywhere, but there.
Her liquid, loving eyes, they scare me,
for turning plain, little me
into a giant amongst men.
What if she wakes up, what then?
What if she sees the broken husk,
the crooked tusk, the gimpy leg?
What if she hears the throaty whisper
of a silly twit, a long-lost git?
Can I ever live up to her expectations???

For Rose.

Image from tumblr.com

Image from tumblr.com

My sweetheart paints
a picture of magic,
with her body and face,
on the canvas that is me.

With tender feminine grace,
her strokes, they redefine me,
transforming my separate entity
into the best part of her world.

Her world, which is now ours,
is an elongation of time,
where one single kiss
may last a lifetime.

~Love Incantation for 2013~


015Gaze into the dark of night
Hold a golden candle’s light
Now close your eyes in silent prayer
That love will find you anywhere

Do no harm, and feel no doubt
That never will you live without
By earth, by air, by water, fire and spirit
Be open to love and do not fear it!

PS….Replace my photo with yours of course~

Love, with error bars


You heartbreaker, you! I’m all teary-eyed now…

Originally posted on dampsquid:

Dear St. Valentine

May I call you St.? Are you at all related to Sesame St.?


I was planning to buy ten roses for the price of a small bungalow, but I got distracted and spent all of my money on anchovies. Will these do instead? I’ve made little cherub wings for them out of toilet paper and suspended them from a wire coat hanger. They look a bit like huge flies. Should I put glitter on them, or would that be weird?

I made a card to go with the anchovies. It says: “I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow and a bit more than next Tuesday; probably about the same as that day last week when you made me beans on toast” but I realised that this would be better expressed with some sort of line graph. Then I got worried…

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