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Peaches Are Soooo Gross! – LOL

From Ministerie Van Unieke Zaken:


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Are You Middle-Aged? – LOL

From The Poke:


I’m in Love! – LOL

From Heart 107.3:


Yikes! A Fresh Batch Has Arrived! – LOL

From CNSNews.com;

* Each more smellier than the next, I’ll bet! *


Ralphie’s Shortcut!

I came from visiting my Mom in the retirement home Sunday, when the bus stopped in a for me unfamiliar place, as it is being rerouted because of roadworks. I thought I knew more or less where I was and made the momentous decision to try a shortcut… I saw this strange-looking undersized rabbit-warren lookalike of a tunnel under the railroad and decided to go exploring. It was all bricks, dank and musty, just the way I like ‘em! But for some strange reason it had apparently been built to allow access to dwarves. I had to traverse it bent over double. Maybe I would find Doctor Livingstone on the other side? I never did find the source of the Nile and after walking several miles, I had to admit to myself that I was losing my bearings(sic). I couldn’t find North, because it was a cloudy day, you see! Do you? I didn’t!

When I inquired about the way to the Ghent city center, a passing stranger had the audacity to tell me that I was going in the wrong direction. Surely he was jesting! I continued on the way I was going, but when I spotted the Eiffel tower, I thought it time to turn around. I took a bus marked Ghent city center and it actually got me there. But I digress! What I wanted was an ATM, cause I was low on cash and hungry. It is my custom of a Sunday to have chips and meatballs in tomato sauce in the Chinese chip shop that I frequent. Aren’t I a cosmopolitan? After walking another mile, I finally arrived at the only cash dispenser that is anywhere near my place and found it to be empty of dosh.

I gave up! I went home half sobbing and had a dry crust of bread and a glass of tap water and went to bed. Cause I was exhausted from all the exploring, you see? Do you? I don’t!

Idiot-proof Labelling! – LOL

From Sea FM Hobart:

P.S.: don’t iron the baby!


Carwash Fail! – LOLLL



It’s Those Science Peddlers Again! – LOL

From I fucking love science:


Only For Hardcore Music Lovers! – LOL

From GuitarStreet:


Shortest Conversation Ever? – LOL

From SimplyBhangra.com:

* If my former self at the age of say twenty asked me this, I would answer: “Could I call a friend?” *


On the Ellen Show:


From Estúdio Pirata:


What Is It? – LOL

From Bette Midler:

* It’s a kitty litter box! :-))) *


Boooommmm Fail! – LOL

From Boom Jinx:


Picasso Auto Repair! – LOL

From Santa Robaina Rodriguez:


Help, the Giant Chicken is Coming! – LOL

From ~Recycled Art Foundation~:


See No Evil and Shit! – LOL

From Ayca Duranoglu Ercetin:

* And cover your assets? :-) *



From Bo Gorzelak Pedersen:


Notes to a Walmart Deli Guy! – LOL

From dailyviralstuff.com:

* See them all by clicking on the above link! *


Another one:



Gandhi Cracks Me Up! – LOL

From Cary Appenzeller‎:


It’s a Babes Bar! – LOL

From Mohamed Miniaoui:

* Oh deer! *


Just Hangin’ Out! – LOL

From Bindass:


Stay Sharp! – LOL

From Pío Sotomayor:


From Big Play Films:

Peter’s Computer (big play films)

Gotta Love The Tea Party! – LOL

From The New Yorker Cartoons:

Well, this one anyways!


Family Meditation Fail! – LOL

From Jaanika Talts:


From The Poke:


Fining Witches! – LOL

From I fucking love science:

Witches be warned! :-)


Man Without Mouth! – LOL

From Steve Layton:

They have to feed this guy intra-nostril-ly! :-)

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I’m Too Sexy For this Post! – LOL

From dirtgirlworld:



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