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Why I Dearly Love My Gran…

Emmy Award

Emmy Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of you may not know this, but my wonderful Gran, Sheila, co-author here on the portal, lost her beautiful daughter Miss Emmy at the tender age of twenty-two(Miss Emmy was). Her passing is mourned by many, who knew this darling young woman and even by those who didn’t, including yours truly.

My Gran and her fabulous husband Kenny have comforted each other through it all, have loved one another to a fault and have been there for each other and, I might add, for any needy soul, who comes into contact with them(again including yours truly!).

My admiration and gratitude for this couple knows no bounds and I would like to share one of my dear Gran’s soulful stories with you all. Here’s me taking my hat off to you and Kenny, Gran!

I’ve put my Gran’s story in a separate post:


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Gran, Behave! – LOL

Yup, that’s my Gran been here.

From Support For The Elderly

From Support For The Elderly

Winter Pictures From Ona, Wv.

Gran and I took a walk today and she let me use her camera for a while. These are some of the pictures I took:


Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captured and enraptured in a tender web,

here in this place of magick, I can at last relax.

I stare in amazement at the flux of love

that flows from every being, everything just so.

A dear couple and their pets shower me with kindness,

leaving me perplex, wondering: Is this real?

I lift my eyes to Heaven and thank the Lord in silence,

at a loss for words…dumbstruck with gratitude.


(To my Gran Sheila and her husband Kent.)

For Sheila.

Sheila Kuhn.

There’s a woman on a mountain,

in a land far across the sea,

whose kindness is like a fountain

and who is very dear to me!

This woman is a wise old crone,

sat upon a magickal throne.

A throne made of kind deeds and love

and shiny stars from up above.

Each star a tribute to her grace,

that grace engraved upon her face.

A shiny face with gentle eyes.

Eyes that remind you of blue skies.

Of skies bright and warm. Eyes that care!

That care for all things everywhere.

Upon my honour as a man,

I’m proud to call this woman Gran!

For My Gran Sheila!

Who runs a pet shelter, by the way!

Wise Words From Gran!

Never (Past Tense)

Never (Past Tense) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through misty decades of absence,
no longer yonder in past tense,
my Gran, she came and spoke to me.
She whispered: “Son, be like a tree.

All the bad things life throws at thee,
turn into gifts and set them free,
for all to enjoy and cherish.
Such a gift will never perish!”


For Gran and Jace!

Hugs for you both!

from Well it made me laugh

This Post is Dedicated to my Gran!

from Photobucket

You all know Sheila Ross-Kuhn, world-famous author on this site, whose riveting stories about witchery and sheer humanity shine like diamonds. I adopted her, with her permission, as my Gran last year, because we have so much in common. I would like to commend her(amongst others) for rescuing an orphaned kitten and hand feeding it every three hours for the past several days now. The kitten is in excellent health now(how could it not be, with such a nurturing carer!) You have deserved your accolade of Nurturer, Gran. Cheers!!

Btw, Gran runs a shelter for needy animals.

And here is again the picture of Kitty being watched over by big brother Salem:

by Sheila Ross-Kuhn

Telling Gran’s Secrets

1) I know that magic is real. I’ve seen it. I am not lying.

2)I once knew a Gypsy Fortune Teller that was the real deal. She lived in the woods and took clients by night. Her floors were crooked and you had step over the waiting bodies in her living room, to”see” her in the kitchen. She is gone now. She died as we all wish we could, old, beloved, while taking a nap on her sofa.

3)I know that real lust (yes lust) CAN last forever, or at least nearly thirty years. (trust me on this one)

4)I have been romanced for three days with no need for food….really! One can live on love for nearly half a week at least. (yup, it was 1982, and he was the one)

5)I once personally knew a New York Times best-selling author, (I was her Mothers private nurse, so I won’t mention names, as that isn’t so professional) Along those lines.. I once looked into the pale blue eyes of brilliant actor and gentle-man, Robert Duval (I was an extra on a movie, it wasn’t personal, I couldn’t utter one word, I just gazed stupidly)

6) I chatted with Bill Murray in the woods of Georgia, USA  (same circumstance) he is the real deal, soooo funny, his face is like a big, lovely, laughing moon, he was kind!

7) For three years, I welded bridges (for pay) and I chewed tobacco with my cohorts on the job…that was a weird era in my life. My personal little women’s liberation movement.

8) I was an underwear model for a very brief time, I almost fell off of my six-inch heels while strutting my saucy stuff at a country club. It wasn’t the career for me, I am a clutz. It did not pay enough pennies to forego hot donuts.

9) I have held the limp hands of the dying for a couple of decades, so, I have the daunting gift of putting things into perspective sometimes. This is a great gift. I thank those hands.

10)I basically have nothing, therefore, I have everything.

Gran walking with secrets

Gran Wakes Up

Gran Doing Her Thing

It’s half past five, give or take, and Gran has been up for well over an hour. She has polished and shined herself, she has brewed the coffee and lit her morning candle. Woodsy incense curls and swirls through the living room., new age music tickles her soul, arousing her mind, easing her into a cold December morning on the mountain.

 Gran’s little mountain is hard, black and cold at this time of the day, at this time of the year. The candle she lit offers Gran a brassy reflection, which rises and falls in the dark window pane above her desk. It is very quiet in her house now. The large dogs are all inside, downstairs, snoozing and snoring, with the exception of “Tweet” who refuses to come inside unless there is ice and snow, she is curled in her hay filled house under the pines, sleeping like a puppy.  Miles, Gran’s “tittie baby” fur kid is on the sofa watching her every move with bright, round black eyes.  Miles is the “watcher” of Gran, heaven knows, someone has to be. Gran suspects that this little dog reports her every move to “officials” somewhere, just in case Gran becomes dangerous.

Here at her desk, Gran considers her life, every morning, there are these same questions. “What matters today, what will matter tomorrow, what will matter in a hundred years?” She considers, for the millionth time…. if anything will matter in a hundred years? 

Given the few true options for todays menu of carnal delicacies, Gran decides to have fun today, to smile through her sorrow, to dance when the going gets rough, to sing, even though she cannot carry a tune in a bucket.  Why not?

While she is at it, perhaps she will do something bold, like go into the bedroom and throw everything that she hasn’t worn in one year, out of the closet, and into a donation bag for someone who might wear it this next year. Only good could come from that move.  She will do it.

Now, it is time for Gran to refill her coffee and get ready to knock down a sleepy Poppa with her big, fat “good morning hugs” for he must pretend to be an accountant today, and that is not easy for a clown like Poppa.



Lil Freaky Meat!

My husband and I tend to “rescue” displaced or abused people and pets. Our children have grown up now and it only seems natural to swing the doors wide and scream to the wind “COME ONE, COME ALL” and they somehow find their way up the hill to this brick house in the woods. Right now, we have one twenty-seven year old-young woman, and more than enough fur kids, let us say here and now that we are filled to capacity as this is only a four bedroom house.

The dawn finds Gran up lighting candles and burning incense, brewing pots of this or that, (mostly coffee) for Gran needs her meditation hour to maintain her happy place. Poppa rushes off to work (an accountant for heaven’s sake, but, he is nothing like most accountants, he’s really funny!) Heaven knows, someone has to do something to pay for this large cross species brood. Gran used to be busy with her nursing, until the unsupervised fur kids started getting into all kinds of mischief while she was away. Continue reading

Stuck in the Middle with Linda!

A German Shepherd waiting for someone to play ...

Image via Wikipedia

As some of you may already know, Linda is my dog. She’s a mix between a German shepherd and a Husky. I’m her pal and she’s my boss, sort of… No skiving off or shilly-shallying for me, when Her Majesty needs her wee! I am bound hand and foot to her every whim. Luckily, I love her to bits, as she does me. Here I am again dallying, when I should be dillying! To procrastinate and vacillate seems to have become my favourite pass-time. *sigh* Continue reading

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