Hard Rock With Tears!


This Sensational Cover Of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Brought Led Zeppelin To Tears.


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Icelandic Hymn in Train Station.


An 800-Year-Old Hymn Is Sung In A Train Station. This Was So Amazing, These Guys Gave Me Chills!

This in incredible and so, so beautiful!

These kinds of things don’t happen every day, so when the group Árstíðir went into a train station in Wuppertal, Germany and sang the 13th century Icelandic hymn “Heyr himna smiður”, it blew everyone away!

New Monty Python Music Video.


Monty Python release new song and announce final live show

Thursday 3rd April 2014 @ 6:30pm

Monty Python - 21st November 2013. Image shows from L to R: Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese.

Monty Python have revealed The Silly Walks Song – a brand new music track.

Primarily written for the sketch group to perform at their live stage shows in July, The Silly Walks Song is the first new creation from the comedy team since the 1980s. Eric Idle joked on Twitter: “First new Python material in a thousand years.”

A music video to showcase the release has been uploaded to YouTube (see the bottom of this story), with the visual montage presented in it featuring scenes from the Python films and TV series mixed with other stock footage.

The Silly Walks Song comments on society’s links with money and on the group’s reformation for a series of highly-paid O2 gigs this summer. Lyrics include “Money is the root of all evil – money is the fruit of sin – money is the root of everything.” and “Boring. Boring. Boring. Work all day, earn your bread… till you finally drop down dead.”

The track is one of five that will appear on Monty Python Sings (Again) – a forthcoming re-mastered, extended re-release of the 1989 album Monty Python Sings.

Eric Idle has been working on the new tracks with John Du Prez. The composer, who is a long-time friend of Idle, created the score to the group’s last film, the 1983 release Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life. He also created Brian Song for Monty Python’s Life Of Brian and, more recently, worked with Idle to create the Python-linked stage musical Spamalot.


The Doors | People Are Strange.

From Sam Muir on YouTube:

* This is our song, folks! *

From Vinícius Thomazini:

* Always loved this song! *

Recorded at Wally Heider’s Studio C, San Francisco, June 9, 1970. Engineer: Bill Halverson. Produced by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Song originally released on Déjà Vu, March 11, 1970. Unreleased unedited original version.

“Nine Summers Lost” – Harry Manx

From Mako Funasaka on YouTube:

Two Great Flamenco Artists!

From gunuxman·:

Paco de Lucia y Camaron de la Isla – Bulerias

Elephants reunited after 20 years.

From NindicaPinionsLight:

* Sooo endearing! *

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on Cello’s!

From  2CELLOSlive;

* A must watch! *

Rage Against the Machine!

From lifeinlugo:

Do you do what they tell ya!!!????

From Buckle up, Bitches:

* Ralphie: tried all kinds of stuff like this, when I was down and out in Spain, but sadly after about two minutes the cops come and ask you if you have a permit, every time! *

I’m Your Man! – Leonard Cohen.

From alcyoneeffect on YouTube:


Here comes the Sun(Gold)!

From Rammstein:

Bohemian Rapsody – Queen.


A Little Something From Carlos…

From LakeParadiseMusic1:

* Who is gentleman in the true sense of the word! *

Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

From TimelessMusicChannel:

Pink Floyd – Shine on You Crazy Diamond

* For a certain lady, whom I love. *

I remember vividly the very first time that I heard this music. I was all of thirteen years young and on a school vacation in the Ardennes in Belgium. About two-hundred students were sat in a big circle in some kind of PE hall, when the music came on strong and two hippies, one young man and one young lady, both with long flowing hair and robes, started whirling around and dancing as if in a trance. It was magic then and still is now.

Khadja Nin – I’m Free!

From MayaAtlantis:

Khadja Nin – Sina Mali, Sina Deni (Free) (Burundi)

Who’ll Stop the Rain?

From masterofacdcsuckaS:

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who’ll Stop The Rain

“Resonant Chamber” –

From AnimusicLLC on YouTube:

* Amazing! *

Lodi – CCR

From John Arvid:

I Don’t Believe In If Anymore.

From lilchiva:


Now if you load your rifle right
And if you fix your bayonet so
And if you kill that man, my friend
The one we call the foe
And if you do it often lad
And if you do it right
You’ll be a hero overnight
You’ll save your country from a fight
Remember God is always right
If you survive to see the sight
A friend now greeting foe
No you won’t believe in If anymore
If’s an illusion
If’s an illusion
No you won’t believe in If anymore
If is for children
If is for children
Building daydreams
If I knew then what I know now
(I thought I did you know somehow)
If I could have the time again
I’d take the sunshine leave the rain
If only time would trickle slow
Like rain that melts the fallen snow
If only Lord if only
If only Lord if only
Oh I don’t believe in If anymore
If’s an illusion
If’s an illusion
No I don’t believe in If anymore
If is for children
If is for children
Building daydreams
No I don’t believe in If anymore
It’s an illusion
It’s an illusion
No I don’t believe in If anymore
If is for children
If is for children
Building daydreams

From 15libra87:

Mozart Requiem in D minor, K626 FULL PERFORMANCE Herbert von Karajan Lacrimosa.

Mari Boine Persen – Vuoi Vuoi Mu, Idjagiedas

From Ayca Okmen Duranoglu:

I have no idea where this music originated, but I love it.

Some Brilliant Guitar Work!

From LiebensteinMovies:

* And to say that the streets are littered with geniuses like this! *

The Blues Brothers – Aretha Franklin

From juninhoz13:

One of my all-time favourites!

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

From dialogue360:

NARGIZ ZAKIROVA – Still Loving You!

Russian talent via DAULETKAZHGALIYEV on YouTube:

Nargiz – still loving you, Видео из ресторана Балкон / Наргиз Закирова

* This woman sings the Scorpions song in an amazing way. A must listen! *

Our Story In 2 Minutes

From drivinman687:

Warning: Don’t close your eyes during the clip or you’ll miss something!

Dragon Baby – LOLLL

From Patrick Boivin:

* Kickin’ up a storm! *


Quelque Chose de drôle.

Coluche – Gérard

* Pour mon ami Freddy, où qu’il soit… *


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