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Bad News for our Sweet Tooth!

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Both the New York Mail and The Boston Post have reported that the Obama administration is considering turning chocolate into an illegal substance, due to incidents where abuse of said substance led to abnormal behaviour and passive aggression syndrome towards the government in general. A substantive study is being undertaken by M.I.T.(E.) to look into the allegations. Please write to your member of congress, if you disagree with such stringent measures! More news from Washington as developments break…

From our reporter on site, Mr. Harper Jones.

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From I fucking love science:

smart highway

A smart highway that promises to save energy while improving safety was unveiled along a 500-meter stretch in the Netherlands last week. Interactive and self-sustaining, it’s being called the “Route 66 of the future.”
The project is designed and developed by Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch engineering firm Heijmans Infrastructure. Earlier this year, we posted about other Studio Roosegaarde projects: houseplant reading lights and bioluminescent streetlamps. Now, this glow-in-the-dark technology actually exists on the N329 highway in Oss, about 100 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.
The road markings are made with paint containing photo-luminescent powder that charges in the daytime and then releases a green glow at nighttime. Roosegaarde tells Wired UKthat Heijmans had managed to take its luminescence to the extreme: “It’s almost radioactive.”

Self-publishing: is it killing the mainstream?


Brenna Aubrey self-published her debut romance novel At Any Price on the Amazon Kindle on 9 December 2013. One month later At Any Price had netted a total profit of £16,588. Aubrey’s success is far from unique – 2013 was a breakout year for “indie authors” led by the phenomenal success of Hugh Howey. But Aubrey is among the first in a wave of authors to do what, until very recently, would have been unthinkable; turn down a $120,000 (£72,000) deal from one of the big five publishinghouses and decide to do their job herself.


Ebooks have changed everything and the traditional publishing establishment is not quite keeping up,” Brenna Aubrey answered when I asked her about some of the negative responses to her decision from traditionally-published authors. “I also think that in some ways authors who have been chasing their own dream deals take my rejection of the dream deal as a rejection of their core values and aspirations.”


The six-figure deal has been the aspiration of many authors for decades. A major advance – such as the $2m deal announced for Garth Risk Holdberg – can cement a literary career. But the reality is that advances for mid-list writers are often no more than $5,000. Aubrey’s deal of $120,000 was significant, but would have been split across three novels, divided with her agent and paid in instalments. When she cranked the figures Aubrey realised that – even as a debut author – self-publishing offered far more potential reward.

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Animals Are Entitled!

From Inside the Divine Pattern:


Climate Change Is Hogswash! 4


First Official Climate Change Refugees Evacuate Their Island Homes for Good.


Photo via the Daily Mail

The day has finally come, and a critical landmark in the saga of global climate change is occurring as we speak—and hardly anyone has noticed. The Carteret Islanders of Papua New Guinea have become the world’s first entire community to be displaced by climate change. They’re the first official refugees of global warming–and they’re packing up their lives to move out of the way of ever-rising waters that threaten to overtake their homes and crops. The island they call home will be completely underwater by 2015. This story first broke a couple years ago, when it was first suggested that these islanders could become climate change refugees. But now that it’s actually happening–seems no one’s paying attention. And though the scenario isn’t as apocalyptic as some might imagine, life for the islanders has indeed all but become impossible on the Cartarets:

On the Carterets, king tides have washed away their crops and rising sea levels poisoned those that remain with salt. The people have been forced to move.

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Stray Dog saves Baby!


Image by KOST 103.5

Image by KOST 103.5

Man’s best friend (Ron Reagan)

They are calling her “angel baby,” a newborn abandoned in the Lenana forest on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya last week.

The 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl had been placed in a plastic bag and dropped in the woods without nourishment or water. There she lay for perhaps two days, starving, her umbilical cord infected. She must have cried out, but along the busy road that bordered the forest, no one was listening, nobody heard. Well, almost no one.

“I had just reached the Lenana forest,” local Stephan Thoya told a Kenya daily paper, “When I heard the sound of a baby crying. I looked closely and I saw a dog carrying a baby wrapped in a black dirty cloth as it crossed the road.”

The dog— mixed breed, no name, probably a stray— was likely out foraging for a meal. She’d just given birth to a litter of puppies and they were hungry.

Now, this story could have taken an unfortunate and grisly turn but, remember, we’re talking about a dog. These are creatures who have shared our lives for at least 12,000 years. There is a bond.

Was the canine mother moved by the plight of this human infant? Was it just blind instinct? Whatever the case, she carried the little girl back to her own litter, caring for her as best she could. That’s where the child was ultimately found: nestled amongst a pile of puppies under the watchful eye of the mother dog. She was taken to a local hospital and is now doing fine.

And the dog? Well, dozens of Kenyans are visiting her home, bringing food and medication. One person has even offered to feed the dog until the day she dies.

However skeptical you may be about the intelligence of non-human animals, it would be hard to argue that, in this case, a dog— and a hungry stray at that— didn’t act more responsibly than at least one human.

Going to the dogs? Well, maybe… if you’re lucky.

I Wants One o’ Them!

From Angela Bosinceanu:



Want to Get Rid of those Annoying Ads?


* I don’t normally do publicity, but this is an exception! *



Surf the web without annoying ads! Adblock Plus is a free extension for all browsers and also an app for Android. Download it at

We want to make the Internet better for everyone. Purging bad ads is a good start.

Company Overview

Adblock Plus is an open-source project addressing the problem of annoying and intrusive online advertising by putting users back in control of the internet. Impressum:


The free browser extension for Firefox and Chrome allows defining filters that determine what a website is permitted to load, as well as provide a way to collapse unwanted sections of a web page (element hiding). People who don’t have the knowledge or the time to create their own filters can choose from over fifty existing subscriptions that have been prepared by members of the Adblock Plus community and are constantly being updated.


Eyeo GmbH
Im Klapperhof 7-23
50670 Köln

Hurray for the Whales!


I  have some fantastic news for you. Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean has been ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice!

This is a remarkable end to a chapter in the battle to stop hundreds of whales being killed each year in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica in the name of “research”.

We want to thank you. This is your victory. Together, we’ve campaigned since 1987 to stop Japan’s annual “scientific” whaling expedition and expose it for what it really is – a cover for continued commercial hunting. And now one of the most respected courts in the world has agreed with us.


But this isn’t the end of the story. While this may stop Japan’s whaling efforts in the Southern Ocean, Japan could still try and find new excuses to continue this cull under another guise.

The fight must continue.

Defending our oceans means compelling governments to support a huge global network of marine reserves from Antarctica to the Arctic that will act as sanctuaries for the diverse, beautiful, weird and wonderful species all over the world.

The world’s oceans are under threat from overfishing, mining, drilling, pollution and climate change. A global network of ocean sanctuaries will breath life back into our oceans and create safe havens for all ocean creatures including whales.

Ask the world’s leaders to support ocean sanctuaries at the United Nations. 

There is still a whole lot to be done, but together we’ve shown that nothing is impossible. Millions of us working together can protect the last wildernesses on the planet. Be proud of what you’ve achieved today and I hope you’ll continue to be part of it.

For the oceans,

Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace




Scientists at Liverpool’s John Moore University have successfully cloned a dinosaur, a spokesman from the university said yesterday.

The dinosaur, a baby Apatosaurus nicknamed “Spot,” is currently being incubated at the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

The scientists extracted DNA from preserved Apatosaurus fossils, which were on display at the university’s museum of natural science. Once the DNA was harvested, scientists injected it into a fertile ostrich womb.

“Ostriches share a lot of genetic traits with dinosaurs,” said Dr. Gerrard Jones, a biology professor at LJMU and the project’s leading scientist. “Their eggshell microstructures are almost identical to those of the Apatosaurus. That’s why the cloning worked so perfectly.”

Those in the scientific community say the dinosaur cloning – the first ever of its kind – is a milestone for genetic engineering.

“I used to think this kind of thing could only happen in the movies,” said Dr. Gemma Sheridan, a LJMU chemistry professor. “But we’re making it happen right here in our lab. It’s astounding.”

The cloning attracted the attention of a wide variety of animal rights activists and religious groups. They claim that animal cloning is unethical and immoral.

PETA President Craig Farmer criticized the scientists for performing potentially life threatening threats on a new species.

“These scientists brought an animal from the Jurassic age back to life – just to watch it suffer!” he said.

But Dr. Sheridan doesn’t seem to be bothered by the activists’ quibbling. She says that the opportunities afforded by dinosaur cloning are endless.

Within ten years, we could repopulate the world with dinosaurs,” she said.

As of press time, the dinosaur is in stable condition. Scientists plan to run more tests on him today.

The Phoenix!

From Way of The Indian:


Angel Light!

From Sonu Kumar:


The Angel Cloud!

From Meteorologist Jim Loznicka:

You’ve heard about it and now you can see it. The “Angel Cloud” that appeared over Palm Beach yesterday.(from March 15th)


About Drugs!

From Beyond Bars:


You Should Drink Alkaline Water!


Why You Should be Drinking Alkaline Water and How to Make it. 

When you think about your personal health and nutrition goals, what food or nutrients do you usually consider to be most important? Consider this: Our brains are made up of about 70% water, our bodies about 80%, surely water should be considered one of the most important things we put into our body on a daily basis. Each morning when you rise, you are already 2 cups dehydrated.

To enhance your daily protocol whatever it may be now, you can do 1 simple thing that will give you more energy, help you focus, and reduce cravings. Can you guess what that 1 thing is going to be? Upon waking, drink 1 litre of filtered alkaline water. This is something Caleb and I were  advised to do by Preet at Organic Lives in Vancouver, BC when we began our journey with raw foods.

Your Tap water is generally a mixture of chlorine, anti-biotics, hormones and other metals that will go straight into your system.

Impure water can cause a weakened immune system and an array of other illnesses that occur when the immune system is vulnerable. You’re also in danger should anything contaminate the public water sources. I’m sure from time to time you’ve heard or read about the acid/alkaline balance that’s so crucial to staying healthy. When our bodies are too acidic, we experience low energy, fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain and other side effects that are completely avoidable just by drinking pure water and eating fresh organic vegetables with a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

Alkalinity is the key to a healthy immune system

Use an alkaline water filtration system whenever possible. Alkaline filtration systems can be costly, ranging from 1-3k, however you are able to find personal alkaline wands at your local health food store for around $30. Ideally, fresh spring water is the absolute best water for you to drink. Find a Spring is a website that was created for the sole purpose of helping you find the closest springs near your area.

You can find a natural spring near you at this website.

- See more at:

The (Surpressed)Hemp Car…



According to Popular Mechanics, Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP! On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields.  The car, ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel.  Imagine driving a car made from plant fibers and that used plant-based fuel for operation?

Napping Approved!



In some places, towns essentially shut down in the afternoon while everyone goes home for a siesta. Unfortunately, in the U.S.—more bound to our corporate lifestyles than our health—a mid-day nap is seen as a luxury and, in some cases, a sign of pure laziness. But before you feel guilty about that weekend snooze or falling asleep during a movie, rest assured that napping is actually good for you and a completely natural phenomena in the circadian (sleep-wake cycle) rhythm.

As our day wears on, even when we get enough sleep at night, our focus and alertness degrade. While this can be a minor inconvenience in modern times, it may have meant life or death for our ancestors. Whether you are finishing up a project for work or hunting for your livelihood, a nap can rekindle your alertness and have your neurons back up and firing on high in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

Big name (and high-dollar) companies recognize this. Google and Apple are just a few that allow employees to have nap time. Studies have affirmed thatshort naps can improve awareness and productivity. Plus, who wouldn’t love a boss that lets you get a little shut-eye before the afternoon push?

study from the University of Colorado Boulder found that children who missed their afternoon nap showed less joy and interest, more anxiety, and poorer problem solving skills than other children. The same can be seen in adults that benefit from napping.

Researchers with Berkeley found an hour nap to dramatically increase learning ability and memory. Naps sort of provide a reboot, where the short term memory is cleared out and our brain becomes refreshed with new defragged space.

Read: Sleep Removes Toxic Waste from the Brain

Wedding Band Found!

From Roberta Gartner:

This wedding band was found in a Brooklyn sanitation garage sink. inscription inside reads “Albert H and Sara E. Sept 2nd 1913″ please share with all of your friends. Maybe we can find their children or grandchildren. That would be amazing!


Fantastic News for Animals!

µfrom WSPA UK:


Thank You, Monsanto!

From Alliance for Natural Health USA:

* This just about says it all! *



America, Eat Your Heart Out!

From Sun Gazing:

* US citizens, why don’t you write to your members of Congress? *




Completing a university degree is often considered to be an expensive endeavour and tuition fees are usually making up the bulk part of the cost. Norwegian universities and state university colleges as a rule do not charge tuition fees for international students. However, you should take into consideration that living expenses in Norway are higher than in many other countries.

“Nothing is for free” is a saying that is true in many cases. But in Norway it is possible to get quality education without having to pay tuition fees. If certain prerequisites are met you could also be eligible for financial support that can pay for your living expenses. Through various fellowship programmes, scholarship schemes or student loans, international students can receive funding for a full degree or a limited number of semesters.

I want to study in Norway but need financial support. What do I do?
How you can financially support your stay in Norway will depend on several factors:
- your current country of legal residency
- your current home institution
- your previous education
- what institution/degree/subject area you are seeking admission to

We recommend that you first contact the International Office at your home university to see if institutional agreements with a Norwegian institution exist. Also, check our scholarship section to see if you are eligible for support through any programmes or schemes

From  Famous People;


Дорогие Женщины!
Поздравляем вас с замечательным весенним праздником 8 Марта! Пусть исполнятся все ваши мечты !


Dear Women!
Congratulations on a wonderful spring holiday of March 8! Let all your dreams come true!


SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare: Calif. Lawmaker to Propose Ban on Orcas in Captivity

If passed, the bill would be the most comprehensive protection law for captive orcas in the United States in more than 40 years.


In a surprising move that is sure to send shock waves across the entire captive whale and dolphin industry, a California lawmaker will propose legislation to outlaw Shamu shows at SeaWorld San Diego.

State Assemblymember Richard Bloom, D–Santa Monica, will introduce Friday the Orca Welfare and Safety Act, which would make it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” The bill would also ban artificial insemination of captive killer whales in California and block the import of orcas or orca semen from other states.

Violators would face a fine up to $100,000 and/or six months in a county jail.

“There is no justification for the continued captive display of orcas for entertainment purposes,” Bloom declared in a written statement prior to a press conference to be held at the Santa Monica Pier. “These beautiful creatures are much too large and far too intelligent to be confined in small, concrete pens for their entire lives. It is time to end the practice of keeping orcas captive for human amusement.”

According to Bloom, the law would be “the most comprehensive protection law for captive orcas in the United States in over 40 years.”

Under the terms of the bill, all 10 orcas held in tanks at SeaWorld San Diego, the only California facility that has whales, “shall be rehabilitated and returned to the wild where possible.” If that is not possible, then the whales must be “transferred and held in a sea pen that is open to the public and not used for performance or entertainment purposes.”

Exempt from the legislation are any orcas held for rehabilitation after a rescue or stranding, or for research purposes. But even these animals would have to be returned to the ocean or sent to a sea pen.

To read more and to sign the petition click on the link at the top!





Magnets are not attracted to copper, but incredibly strong magnets interact with copper in a pretty amazing way. If you drop a neodymium magnet down through a copper pipe it’s descent is slowed. The stronger the magnet and the thicker the pipe, the slower the fall. Take a look.

This is an excellent demonstration of Lenz’s law and eddy currents. If you’re not familiar with Lenz’s Law, Wikipedia defines it as: “An induced electromotive force (emf) always gives rise to a current whose magnetic field opposes the original change in magnetic flux”.

“Raising your flag for Tibet!”

From United Nations For a Free Tibet (India):


Hundreds of cities and municipalities across Germany are raising the Tibetan flag on town halls and public buildings on March 10th, 2014.

They are participating in the campaign “Raising your flag for Tibet!” of the Tibet Initiative Deutschland (TID) and are sending a strong signal to the German government:

“On March 10, we commemorate the Tibetan uprising of 1959, which was brutally suppressed by the Chinese occupational forces. Raising the flag for Tibet means showing support for the Tibetan right to self-determination and the protection of human rights in Tibet”, says Tsewang Norbu, Boardmember, TID. “Such a symbol of solidarity is especially important in light of the current events.”

TID is extremely alarmed by the chain of events in the last months. “So far, over 127 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest the Chinese occupation. While the Chinese government is using outright violence as its strategy, the international community chose to elect China into the UN Human Rights Council”, says Tsewang Norbu.

“We are shocked by the discrepancy between China’s actions and its position in the world as well as its political influence. The Spanish government relenting to this pressure in the court case to indict former Chinese leaders of genocide in Tibet is a recent example showing the extent to which China has already succeeded in interfering with and overriding our democratic systems.”

Even in Germany, China’s influence is clearly visible: “Our campaign participants are pressured by Chinese officials to withdraw from the campaign and not to raise the Tibetan flag. The long arm of the Chinese government is even reaching the smallest German towns. However, we will not be intimidated by this”, says Anna Momburg-Vanderpool, Campaign Coordinator of TID.

“On March 10th, the political representatives of cities and municipalities are taking a stand for self-determination and the protection of human rights in Tibet, showing that human rights are not negotiable”, says Momburg-Vanderpool.

With this strong political support, the TID demands from the German government not to give in to pressure by the Chinese government. The state visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping in Berlin at the end of March is a great opportunity for a clear signal.

“Chancellor Merkel has to clearly speak up for the rights of the Tibetans. We expect that she requests the Chinese government to re-engage in a dialogue with the Tibetans and to stop the spiral of violence”, says Norbu.
Prominent voices are supporting the campaign „Raising your flag for Tibet”

The campaign is supported by Dr. Henning Scherf (SPD), former Mayor of the city of Bremen. Additionally, Claudia Roth (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN), Vice-president of the German Parliament, and Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (SPD), Member of the German Parliament and Chairwoman of the Tibet Discussion Group in the German Parliament, are both raising the flag for Tibet:

· Video statement by Claudia Roth [english subtitles]
· Video statement by Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler

Musicians and actors such as Judith Holofernes, Benno Fürmann, Ralf Bauer as well as Chinese writer and dissident Liao Yiwu are also participating and raising the flag for Tibet.

Additional statements of prominent voices can be found here:

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Protest NSA Surveillance!

* This is under the settings on and I only saw it just now, although it is from February 11th! *

Show your support of an initiative to fight NSA surveillance on the web by adding a banner to your site. Just toggle the option on below, and a small black ribbon overlay will appear along the bottom of your site as pictured below through February 2014 or until you disable the banner.


Read More about the Initiative→


* Do visit our colleague on WordPress. It is really worth your while! *


The Rizzoli Bookstore building is an icon of New York City architecture and one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in America. It is an impressive example of adaptive reuse of a former piano showroom into a retail space and one of the few remaining examples of architecturally significant bookstores in an era where bookstores are increasingly threatened. Recently, Vornado and Le Frak Realty have announced plans to demolish the building in order to build a new high-rise (International Business Times article)

 The Landmarks Preservation Commission, whose mission is “to be responsible for protecting New York City’s architecturally, historically, and culturally significant buildings,” has declined to grant landmark status to the building on the grounds that the property “lacks the architectural significance necessary to meet the criteria for designation,” despite the Community Board voting unanimously in favor of designating 31 W 57TH Street a landmark in 2007 (Link to Community Board Resolution)

Peg Breen, President of NY Landmarks Conservancy, said “it’s unlikely at this point that the “three little gems” will be saved unless a public backlash is strong enough to convince city officials otherwise.”(Quoted in IBS article above). Tell the Landmark Preservation Commission that 31 W 57th Street is architecturally significant and deserves landmark status!

 For more news, visit webpage:


Sign the petition “New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission: Designate 31 West 57th Street as an individual and interior landmark”:

 Sign the Petition at

3D printed arm from Not Impossible Labs!



A company called Not Impossible Labs has come up with one of the best uses for 3D printer technology we’ve ever heard of: printing low-cost prosthetic arms for people, mainly children, who have lost limbs in the war-torn country of Sudan.


The project was the brain child of Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible, a company dedicated to “technology for the sake of humanity.” Not Impossible is probably best known for its “Eyewriter” eye tracking glasses, created with free open source software, that helped a paralyzed graffiti artist draw and communicate using only his eyes.

Project Daniel started in 2012, when Ebeling read a story in Time magazine about Daniel Omar, a then 14-year-old Sudanese boy who lost both his hands from a bomb.

It inspired Ebeling to assemble a team capable of creating a low-cost, 3D-printed prosthetic on consumer-grade 3D printers. The team included the South African inventor of the Robohand, an Australian MIT neuroscientist, a 3D printing company in California and was supported by Intel and an engineering company called Precipart.

The arms they developed are inexpensive enough to be available to anyone who needs one, costing around $100 to produce, and can be printed in about six hours, reports Time’s Harry McCracken.

Daniel recieved his left arm in November and Ebeling then set up a 3D printing lab in a nearby hospital, Not Impossible says. Since then, many others have received arms and the effort could eventually help thousands.

Read more:

Raven Rescue.

From iluvdodge9:

Stop Learning and Start Thinking!


Schools put genius child in special ed, tell mom he can’t learn. Now he’s free, and he could win a Nobel Prize

They said he would never learn, now he’ll teach them a thing or two…
A genius boy whose IQ is higher than Albert Einstein is on his way to possibly winning a Nobel Prize after being set free of special education programs in public schools. His mother made the decision to take him out of the programs, even after having doctors diagnose him with Aspergers and say that her son Jacob Barnett would never even learn to tie his shoes.

She describes in her book “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius” that she was afraid of trying to pull him out of school. “For a parent, it’s terrifying to fly against the advice of the professionals. But I knew in my heart that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away.”

Jacob was not thriving in special ed classes. He kept turning deeper into himself and was uncommunicative with other people. His doctors prescribed medical treatment for the boy. When he wasn’t in therapy though, his mother noticed him doing amazing things. “He would create maps all over our floor using Q-tips. They would be maps of places we’ve visited and he would memorize every street.”

Jake dropped out of elementary school in the 5th grade. His incredible memory allowed him to attend university classes after he learned all of high school math in two weeks. Now he’s on track to graduate from college at age 14 and working on theories to build on Einstein’s theory of relativity.

60 minutes did a special on Jacob here.


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