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Superb Impasto Work by Georgi Petrov.

From Georgi Petrov:

Когато Добруджа разцъфне
масло, платно, 50/40 см
в наличност

When Dobrogea blossom
oil on canvas, 50/40 cm
in stock


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Carving Decorative Candles.

From Moe Sal on YouTube:

* WOW! *

Oil Painting by Konstantin Korovin.

Via Cristina Bertuzzi:

Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin (RussianКонстанти́н Алексе́евич Коро́вин, first name often spelled Constantin; November 23 [O.S. December 5] 1861 – September 11, 1939) was a leading Russian Impressionist painter.

* Brilliant use of impasto! *


Portrait Painter Extraordinaire!


El Arte del Retrato y la Pintura:

For anybody who likes portrait painting and/or painting in general, this is a must see!

Formada en la escuela de Artes y Oficios de Tarragona. Miembro del Portrait Institute de los Estados Unidos. Actualmente comparto la pintura con la docencia en la escuela que lleva mi monbre, en la que imparto cursos durante el año de dibujo, de procedimientos pictóricos y talleres de retrato en vivo, con el método de enseñanza de John Howard Sanden, He asistido a worshops con varios de los mas reconocidos maestros del retrato de los estados unidos.


“Painting” – Oil painting by Alex Grey.

From beinArt International Surreal Art Collective:

“Painting” – Oil painting by Alex Grey.

beinArt Collective: — with Alex Grey.



Reminding You of Ralphie’s Art.

Some of you might not have noticed that at the top of Ralphie’s Portal on the right-hand side there is a link to my very own art-site, where I show my recently painted oil paintings and photographs taken. Just to give you an example, here’s a portrait of two English bulldogs that I finished only the day before yesterday:




A thin blue line shoots across the horizon and that is the mark. You know the sun will eventually set underneath that line, but until then, the moment where it crosses that line, you are witness to one of the most beautiful sights in the Universe.

Here are a few things these earthly wonders called sunsets have taught me over the years:

1) Everything Adds

Beautiful pastel hues of orange and yellow shine bright around the sun, but as you expand your perspective the entire rainbow of colors is there. Soft baby blue and turquoise clouds float calmly through the open sky. Streaks of dark purple and red dash like the strokes of a mad painter.

A sunset is not a single color, and every new color adds beauty. Why would this world be any different? You matter. Your unique story, your unique gifts will add to this Universe – it is your choice if you want it to be the bright yellow or the soft turquoise.

2) Change just is

A sunset is when change is most evident. Where the sun that has been moving all day, now, finally seems to move in a way that matters. The scene transforms and every moment brings a different sunset. Every second something changes and makes the scenery just a little bit different, just a little more unique.

Change is neither good or bad – change is. It will happen, and continue to happen, and therein lies the beauty. Because routine bores us and just when the novelty in our life seems to be wearing off, the Universe will change it. Not for better or worst, just different.

3) Your Experience is Unique

Even if we are identical twins standing next to each other, we will not be looking at the same sunset. Your entire life, even the way the breeze shakes your shirt and not your twin’s, every single experience you have ever had, adds towards an increasingly complex experience that cannot be the same as anyone else’s. Your sunset is your sunset – your life is your life.

Every second you are adding to your own unique universe – make the next second matter.

4) There is Only Now

Just like every existence is unique, so is every moment. The sunset you are seeing now, you will never see again. “You have never been older, and you will never be this young again.” Enjoy the now; enjoy this sunset.

5) It Doesn’t Always Make Sense

How can a ball of fire that is millions of miles away— something that sucks in life and spits out fire—create something as beautiful as a sunset, as beautiful as life? How can such beauty hold such destruction? How can light that blinds only be seen during certain moments? Why must darkness always follow?

There are usually more questions than answers, live for the questions. As answers, well, they change… read above.

To read the five other reasons, click on the link at the top!

Presenting: Artist Tukno.

From Artist tukno:

eagle 2014 e05
Oil on canvas
90.9x 65.2 cm
2014 — with 박덕흠홍민정Patti Shonek금보성이종희이윤호 and 강성민.


The Portal to Equine Heaven?

From Adriana Silveira:


Presenting: Artist دقات قلب

From Beats of the heart:

* Fatherly bliss! *

P.s.: If someone could translate the name, please be my guest!

P.p.s.: A friend of mine told me the Arabic means “heartbeats’.


Modern Renaissance Photography.

I got this by email and sadly the name of the Australian artist was not mentioned. Apparently, he’s using his five-year-old little girl as his model.

Here are some examples:




St. Francis of Assisi Said:

From Love Pages 1st:


Art From Michael Malm!

Via Santa Robaina Rodriguez:

* Amazing, isn’t it? *



From Angela Bosinceanu:

* Is this beautiful or is this beautiful? *


Some Amazing Street Art.


Do click the above link to see more!


Rodin’s Gates of Hell.

From Michael Zetterquist:


Meet Artist Guy Denning!

To see on Fb:


Visual artist Guy Denning. Born 1965, still drawing breath…

Guy Denning was born in North Somerset in 1965. He has been obsessed with visual art since childhood and started painting in oils at the age of eleven after receiving a set of old paints from a relative that had grown bored with them.
Through the 1980s he was repeatedly unsuccessful in his applications to study painting at degree level but continued painting whilst studying art history with the Open University and learning painting technique from older painters he knew in the west of England.
From 1992, he exhibited across Britain. Since 2007 he has also exhibited in the United States of America, Germany, Italy and France. His paintings have been shown in numerous solo and mixed exhibitions. Notable solo shows include ‘Purgatorio’ at Brooklynite Gallery New York, ‘Inferno’ at MAGI’900 Bologna and ‘Behemoth’ at St Martin in the Fields London. His work is held in several public collections, including the Politics Department of Bristol University, the Political Science Department at Galway University and the MAGI’900 Museum of Contemporary Art, Bologna.
He has also been invited to work on a variety of community urban art projects and has developed a distinctive style that builds images from stencilled text.
In 2007 he moved to Finistere in France where he continues to work towards future exhibitions.


Van Gogh: The Life

From Van Gogh: The Life:

Art of the Day: Van Gogh, Snow-Covered Field with a Harrow, January 1890. Oil on canvas, 72 x 92 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.


Dalí Was a Fraud!

LOOK!!!  He was actually a realist. Pfff…

From Ее Кенни:


Painting the Sea!

From Mylène Miyafox:

Work on the sea by alltelleringet I LOVE IT <3


The World of James Browne.

From The World of James Browne:

There’s something very magical that happens when you read a book to your children, their imagination blooms while they listen to the voice that they love and trust…much better than tv, in my opinion.


Winter Queen.

From Jaanika Talts:

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
― Lewis Carroll


Otherwordly Art…

From Luzka Lopez:


Da Vinci Art Theft!

From Rivelino Escultor:

The perpetrator had red hair and only one ear. The police have put out an all-points bulletin for him. Be on the lookout!!! Any clues can be phoned through to inspector Clouseau of the Sûreté. 0031_FROG0000001. Do not attempt to apprehend the culprit yourself as he is armed and dangeroose.


One For Poppa!

Gran ‘ll tell him… :-)

From Живопись ART Искусство:


Kudos to Cesar Santos, Artist!

Via Santa Robaina Rodriguez:


The Power to Wow???


From Anush Albert:


Christmas in the Sky!


Shine bright like an angel in the sky . . .



From Beautiful Minds:

* Beautiful notion *



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