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Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel! – LOL

Show Me Yer Tits! – LOL

I Fart in Your General Direction! – LOL

His Eyesight is GREAT! – LOL

Bring Your Pets Inside! – LOL

Turking a Cooky! – LOL

Winnie the Pooh’s Boobooh! – LOL

My Kind of Math! – LOL

Odd One Out! – LOL

Moose Outlaws! – LOL

Energy Management! – LOL

Pet Peeves! – LOL

Who? Me!? – LOL

Wales Wakes Up! – LOL

Halloween Hangover! – LOL

‘Witch bottle’ found in Newark.

Those Joker Whales! – LOL

Thwarted! – LOL

Yes YOU!!! – LOL

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