I’d like to send my biggest Yuletide wishes,

not to my closest friends or loved relations,

but out to kids who’ve never heard of Christmas,

the ones in all the far-off poorest nations.

The kids who struggle daily for survival,

who never heard of Santa or December,

to whom a gift is simply one more morning

without the loss of one more family member.

Those kids who grow despising all religion,

with anger in their veins and hate a winner,

infused with venom searching for a victim,

not once to see the love of Christmas dinner.

Those waifs in countries still without a future,

no sleigh bells to bring smiles to hungry faces,

in Africa, Afghanistan and Asia,

the Middle East and countless other places.

So spare a thought as you unwrap your presents,

the season to be jolly – money driven,

and say a prayer for kids who don’t have Christmas,

then thank your God for what you have been given.

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