English: Woodland, Taynish Peninsula I was wal...

English: Woodland, Taynish Peninsula I was walking up the road to Lochan Taynish when I spotted this Roe Deer. We stared each other out. Not a movement bar the twitching of an ear. Eventually I gave up and left him to it. The Taynish Peninsula is covered with natural oak forest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you´re addicted to the wall…

That same one you keep banging your head against.

In love with your misery, can´t feel without the pain.

That mortal fear of being numb has kept you in this gear.

For years on end, no end in sight!

Until finally you wake up and see the light.

Nose twitching, limbs quivering at the unexpected beauty of it all.

The realisation that there is after all a rise after the fall.

This future is yours for the taking.

Just reach out your hand and let it lift you up!

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