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Id´ll ged bedder! – LOL



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Jet! – LOL

That is one BIG bird!

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Bar Joke – LOL

Needs no further explanation!

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Wheatherwise!?? – LOL



My Twinkling Little Star…

A short, personal poem I wrote after my then girlfriend suffered a miscarriage… the only of my works that actually makes me cry, even as a man…. I admit that.

I wish I could have known you….
For as little as just a day…
Your little palm wrapped round my finger…
Making worries slip away.
Sometimes I often wonder…
Through what eyes would you see…?
Golden as your mummy…
Or cold and blue like me.
I wish I’d had a second…
To give you all my love…
Before you went and left us…
To join the Lord above.
But your little eyes never opened…
So I’ll love you from afar…
I just wish we’d had a chance…
My twinkling little star.

For my baby, we’ll meet again. xx


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