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Back On The Streets!

Hello gang! Ralphie´s back on the streets. I´m stuck in Ceuta with no money for the ferry. I´ll have to blag it up. Wish me luck!! See you when I see you…



Amen to that, Sister!

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With that being said, be who you choose to be, live how you want to live—- just be yourself… no one can judge you if you are yourself… no one but God—


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Hunting!!? – Joke


From natedrake on Experience Project.

Three idiots decide to go hunting. The first one says he’s going to get a buck. He goes out, and indeed comes back with a buck. The other two hunters ask how he did it. He says, “I see tracks. I follow tracks. I get buck.”

So the second hunter says that he’s going to get a doe. And he does. They ask him how he did it, and he says, “I see tracks. I follow tracks. I get doe.”

So the third hunter says, “I’m just gonna shoot at anything I see.”

So he goes out and comes back half a day later all beaten, bruised, bloody, and totally trashed. The other two hunters ask him what happened and he says, “I see tracks. I follow tracks. I get hit by train!”

Ralphie Sees The Light! – LOL



Broken Kitty Awwww! – LOL

Sure looks messed up!


Health Hazard! – LOL

Scratches head!



Epic Fail in…? – LOL

That is gonna hurt!

from Funny pics and other stuff

Legless! – LOL

Rough night?

from FB Troublemakers




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