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Gor Blimey, how did he get through the week?

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There once was an Aussie named Bongo, who was a bit of a drongo, his beer was a bit flat and his Sheila kinda fat, that’s why they’re livin’ down under!

Originally posted on John The Aussie:

Okay So I want to make a collection of Limerick, spoonerised and just funny poetry. Exactly like Pheasant Pluckers Wife. Or man from Nantuckit.  Got any?  Share them please (with credits)!

So I was told to put in explanations of limericks and spoonerisms first so people get the jist of things…

A limerick is a five-line poem in anapestic or amphibrachic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (aabba), which intends to be witty or humorous, and is sometimes obscene with humorous intent. It may have its roots in the 18th-century Maigue Poets of Ireland[citation needed], although the form can be found in England in the early years of the century[1]. It was popularized in English by Edward Lear in the 19th century, although he did not use the term.

The following example of a limerick is of unknown origin.

The limerick packs laughs anatomical
In space that is quite economical,

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SitePal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was sent to me by a friend of mine. It’s cute to try the demo and should you wish, you can get a 15 day free trial to create your own automated messages with virtual characters to enhance your site!

<Click here!> to use the demo, where you choose the language, the character(male or female), the duration, pitch, length of the message and so on…
Note that the character follows your cursor with his/her eyes!

SitePal is an easy-to-use service that allows you to create a speaking avatar for your website and empower your online communication.

Hunting Flies Joke!

108/366: Splat! 2012-04-17

108/366: Splat! 2012-04-17 (Photo credit: George Larcher)

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking a round with a fly swatter.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Hunting flies,” He responded.

“Oh, killing any?” She asked.

“Yep, three males, two females,” he replied.

Intrigued, she asked:” How can you tell?”

He responded, “Three were on a beer can, two were on the phone.”

Get On With It! – LOL

It can’t come from much higher up than that… Better do my chores!


Santa Met India Air! LOL

The poor man is no more!


P.S.: This is from the number two best rated site in india:


It ain’t funny!

from FB Troublemakers

HELP! Martians Invade!!! – LOL

Weren’t you all scairt?

from Now Thats Funny Shit!

Toilet Scare – LOL

That ‘ll make some people get outta there faster!

from FB Troublemakers


A remote control is what we need for some people! X Mute!

from FB Toublemakers


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