San Gervasio


They look quite spic and span for ruins! Lovely pics.

Originally posted on Stories | Photography:

It’s Cozumel! Alija Kamber, George Grigorescu and me: are taking photographs, on the gangway (of a cruise ship terminal). Alija is asking us “Do you want to go out today? To old Mexico. Not downtown!” Immediately we are asking Rebecca (ships tour guide), for recommendations. “Mayan ruins”, she says.

Its 10 am. We have finished taking photographs on gangway. In fifteen minutes three of us will go to the Mayan ruins. At 10.15 am, I see about six people! Almost the entire photo-team. Adrian (our boss) is also there. Now I am not worried about missing the ship or being late!

On our way, we are traveling past Mexican neighborhoods- totally different from downtown Cozumel. I can see, streets filled with old Beetles. And men in hats, being lazy! Finally we are at the Mayan ruins. This Mayan site is at San Gervasio. Some are introducing me to the Mayan…

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