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Ralphie Versus Gandhi.

My life IS my message ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Why oh why, pray, is my life considered a SPAM-message? Ralphie A Burcke.

from lil ole me

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Ms. Worrywart

Hurray for Ivanna!

The Bear Necessities LOL

Bear etiquette!

from Now Thats Funny Shit!

Pipe Smoking LOL

You can stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

from Now Thats Funny Shit!

Cruelty to Parents LOL

Better keep them on a leash, folks!

from FB Troublemakers

Gentlemen’s Disagreement!

That’s how the toffy-nosed gits say: “Naahhh, you’e dead wrong!”

from FB Troublemakers


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