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Rough translation: “What with the climate change, Russia will be turning the penal gulags into summer camps!”

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Diaper Love LOL

Ga waba lala booboo!!!

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Parking Problem Solved LOL

Now you can park anywhere, anytime!

from Now Thats Funny Shit!

Just toooo Cute!

Words fail me!

from Well it Made me Laugh!

April Rain

Slate Grey

Slate grey sky

Rain falling

Birds calling

soft harmonies.

The holy light

of candle flame

on stone

The scented smoke


in the stillness

of the air.

Today my

living room


a chapel

to the Goddess.

The flutterling.

butterfly fairy sparkle magical pictures, backgrounds and images

There came to visit me a flutterling,

with one dark and one iridescent wing.

It came to me well in advance,

signalling the end of my dance.


A high note of hope did it sing,

news of my passing over did it bring.

My time here it has been served,

it told me not at all unnerved.


Shall I smiile now or shall I weep,

as at last I lay me down to sleep?

Best not to keep it waiting long,

while I sing my farewell song.


I’ll wait for you on th’other side,

arms spead in welcome open wide.

To be reunited there for evermore,

both our souls up high will soar!


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