Thankfulness is a fine art. If one can manage to move about the world in an attitude of charismatic gratitude, it is entirely possible to edge ever closer toward the full joy of true spiritual awareness. The wisdom of age ignites a passion within the truly wise ones and reminds us to embrace life, to embrace love, to embrace natures bounty, to embrace those creatures and humans that share our earth mother, and to lift up our hands in praise for the miracle of our lives and for those lessons on the path that have taught us to greet each dawn with smiles and sighs of thankfulness.  Just as a merry heart is honored by a merry face, let us embellish the days of our lives with a beguiling wooing of gratitude for within this state we will emanate a contagious kind of ecstasy, and strike an enviable balance of bliss and contentment . Serenity is the indication of thankful spirit. ~

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