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Frost and Fire

Winter whips my woolen cape
A midnight spell escapes
my numb lips

Frozen Mother Earth melts, yielding 
beneath my dancing feet

The fire surges, sparks with power
then pops with light and sound

My vision, my desire, is cooked into time and space
In a moment of orgiastic grace

So It is
As I will it to be…

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Celtic Music – Dance with the Trees

Pretty Butterfly


Inner Sanctum


Take me to the temple

My tattered soul seeks refuge

The altar candles burn brightly

The Great Mother is there

She croons to me

My will diminishes  

Her golden embrace

Imbues my spirit

I am fed


Tribute to Ya’akov Boussidan.

Here are two works from another one of my teachers, Mr. Ya’akov Boussidan from Tsur Hadassah, Israel. He is a master of etching and a wonderful artist and human being.

to visit his website, press <here!>

Etching by Ya'akov Boussidan


Oilpainting by Ya'akov Boussidan

Tribute to Marion Henke.

I would like to show you all just one painting by my first art teacher: Mrs. Marion Henke, who lives with her husband in a tiny village, called Bolulla in the mountains not too far from Alincante. Here’s wishing you all the best, Marion!

To visit her gallery, click <here!>

by Marion Henke

Smile LOL

A Wise statement!

from STooPid Monkey

Monkey LOL again.

This could be Ralphie on a bad hairdo day!

from STooPid MonKey

Not Fantasy China!

At a first glance this picture almost seems like a fantasy painting by some extraordinarily gifted artist, but it is actually the real thing: Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, China.

from FB ~ Troublemakers


More Amazing Art from DeviantArt


from AniaEm


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